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SPARK® Media: Lite across Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

The platform, available through your guest-access WiFi connection when facilitated through SPARK TSL, SPARK® Media: Lite (an express version of the full SPARK® Media platform) gives your patients, staff, and visitors access to free entertainment and engagement resources.

Educate, engage, inform and entertain your visitors to promote your digital services and boost charitable donations with the NHS’ number one patient engagement platform. The service is tailored to you meaning it can grow with your offering.  

Working across the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust estate, SPARK Media: Lite is delivering free engagement and entertainment opportunities for all patients, staff, and visitors. Shining a light on the platform's success at the Trust, explore the case study to learn more about its capabilities.


Focus:  Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Organisation Type

NHS Trust

Size of Operation

1,277 beds across 5 hospital sites

Client Since


Product Suites

Free guest access and staff WiFi with tailored user experience portal (UX) and the free patient engagement platform SPARK® Media: Lite. hospital-corridor

SPARK TSL’s long-term goal is to deliver patient entertainment and engagement solutions across the NHS without limitations. 


SPARK® Media: Lite was developed in 2020 as a way of giving WiFi users at WiFi SPARK connectivity sites the opportunity to enrich their time within healthcare facilities by delivering engaging content to their own devices. Its debut saw all the company’s NHS sites receive the platform for Christmas of 2020, where patients could listen to hospital radio, play sudoku, log on to NHS apps and sites – such as healthy living and education videos, which can help them to better understand their condition and manage their care once they leave hospital – and access dementia support services including BBC Music Memories and BBC Archive. They were also able to connect to online charity sites, which encouraged donations as benevolent services that had suffered due to a downturn in fundraising through the pandemic.

Usage of the platform has been incredible across the year with the top three SPARK® Media: Lite sites receiving over 450,000 users in the second half of 2021 alone. These patients, visitors and staff have enjoyed the variety of content on offer and engaged, where information is displayed, with the relevant Trust’s charity content. Nowadays, there is no better place to engage with your visitors than via your patient engagement platform.  

The site that received the most usage, however, is Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The gargantuan London Trust welcomed 2.6 million patients across 2019/2020, the Trust’s dedication to putting patients first led it to reviving its patient engagement offering, let us shine a spotlight on the Trust’s work with SPARK TSL.  




  • Display for site-specific information

  • Trust and/or Charity promotional branding

  • Access to healthcare assets such as the NHS Apps Library, Give Blood site or medication directory

  • Access to a variety of resources to aid those living with dementia

  • Digital games library including Sudoku, crosswords and much more.

  • Give patients, visitors and staff access to free entertainment across the Trust, available on their own devices.

  • Offer a solution that was entirely supported, 24/7/365.


Our Solution

Having been a WiFi SPARK WiFi customer since 2013, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust have a lasting commitment to prioritising the patient experience.  

When installing the tailored WiFi solution, WiFi SPARK established an NHS WiFi portal to greet users upon connection. Providing free WiFi in healthcare facilities allows patients, visitors and staff to stay connected to the outside world, entertain themselves and take control of their health journey through their own research. Upon evaluating the common actions taken by users across the free WiFi at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, it’s clear users would benefit from popular links being displayed in one easy-to-view location.  

The SPARK® Media: Lite dashboard showcases the most visited links such as the Metro, receiving over 2,000 interactions in September and November of 2021 alone, and Trust information links in one universal location. Streamlining the user journey by providing this dashboard has undoubtedly contributed to the influx of interactions.  

With different tabs separating entertainment, information, care and charity links, users can browse at their leisure whilst moving about the estate. Let's break down what’s on offer… 

Entertainment - The Guy’s and St Thomas’ entertainment offering includes a library of digital games for all ages. The most popular game by far across the Trust is sudoku with 10% of all entertainment interactions being with the beloved game. Other popular applications include digital colouring in, BBC Music Rewind and the BBC Music Memories service, both of the latter being services developed to aid those living with dementia. 

Information - The information tab allows users to explore the on-site facilities with a Trust map, the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust website as well as access to information on the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Patient Safety Card, giving patients the tools to play an active role in their care. The dynamic dashboard can be forever changing to relay Trust initiatives or align with specific messaging such as coronavirus restrictions, for example.  

Care - The My Care tab hosts a variety of NHS approved messaging from instructional care videos to the A-Z of medication enabling patients and their families to gain a full understanding of their conditions and their road to recovery. The NHS Apps Library is reaching more people than ever and encouraging autonomous care.  

Charity - The Charity tab is just one of the ways Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity is promoted via the patient engagement platform. Displayed on a banner at the bottom of each tab and then maintaining a tab of its own, charity information such as volunteering opportunities, donation links and general news can be found throughout the platform. An incredible 6,255 users interacted with the platform between September and November, all of which benefited from charity exposure. 

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When covid hit, our hospitals had to restrict visiting meaning that patients were very isolated at the hospital. Better WiFi gave patients the chance to stay in touch with loved ones.

Hayley Pannick, Director of Development Imperial Health Charity



Of the 6,255 interactions with the platform, 305 went on to click the donation button to contribute to charity fundraising.

If each of those users donated £10, the charity would have generated £3,050 that it may not have otherwise received. Some of this money could be invested back into furthering the patient engagement offering to include evidence-based elevations such as the adoption of a virtual newsstand displaying the latest magazines or into live or on-demand TV.  



Ranking highly amongst the most visited sites across the Guy’s and St Thomas’ estate were the websites for the Mirror, the Guardian, and BBC iPlayer. Using knowledge gained from data collected, the Trust can investigate the ways in which it can develop and enhance the patient experience through the platform. 

Small Steps to Patient Engagement Transformation

SPARK® Media: Lite has seen an incredible response across the NHS and is a simple first step to establishing a tailored patient engagement platform in your Trust. Free to the end user, it collates all the relevant engagement, entertainment, and education links on a dashboard available via your WiFi. Maintained and managed by WiFi SPARK engineers and assured by Friendly WiFi, the platform is safe and secure for all visitors.  

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To download a copy of the SPARK® Media: Lite case study as a PDF, simply click the link below.

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