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The building blocks to hospital success

Our vision is that no patient has to pay for entertainment. We want your Trust to lead the change for digital transformation across healthcare — that starts with SPARK® Connect and you.

Deploy SPARK® Connect to offer free WiFi for staff and patients that’s secure and branded for your hospital.


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Connect patients and staff with SPARK® Connect

SPARK® Connect is the foundation to enable SPARK® Media for patients and staff throughout your Trust.

Whether it’s guest or staff WiFi, SPARK® Connect grants users internet access via a secure and filtered platform. 

The service is fully managed, meaning we’ll design, configure and install SPARK® Connect for your Trust.  Plus, we offer 24/7/365 support so you can focus on what really matters — your patients.

To deploy SPARK® Connect, you’ll need a broadband connection, gateway/server and associated access points to broadcast the signal to devices. SPARK® Connect can overlay onto existing infrastructure and connectivity, or we can install it from new.

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Take full advantage of SPARK® Media Lite with SPARK® Connect

Every SPARK® Connect customer receives access to SPARK® Media Lite — an entry-level engagement platform Trusts can use to engage and entertain patients.

SPARK® Media Lite is upgradable to SPARK® Media to provide even more apps and ward-specific information to patients. 

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I deploy SPARK® Connect in my venue?

Deploying SPARK® Connect is a straight forward process. After you install your broadband/connectivity line to your venue, our solution overlays onto this via our SPARK® Gateway or Bridge solution and is broadcast through access points to your visitors. Our solution is vendor agnostic and works with all access point models, but if you are unsure what you need, we can help with that for you.

Once the equipment is agreed, we will discuss the project process with you, agree your customisation of login portal, data collection and user journey and keep you informed throughout the project of its progression.

What data can I collect about my visitors?

Essentially, anything you like! Compliant with GDPR, you can collect any data that you ask for via the logon portal. You will see reporting about the WiFi usage as standard such as number of logins, unique users, device and browser type, session length and data downloaded/uploaded.

If you do not wish to collect any data and offer a one-click login, or account based login, we do that too. (Or a combination of both!)

Can I link it with my own CRM?

Absolutely. Our data feed can integrate with your existing CRM to post data to your marketing platforms ready for your campaigning. We can also authenticate users from your database.

Already a customer and have a question about the product?

Visit our product support page and we can help you further.

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