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The ever-expanding patient experience platform that makes Trusts more efficient

Improve patient experience and increase autonomy. SPARK® Media helps your staff to deliver a more efficient healthcare service.

Spark Media Desktop

Proud to already be making a difference at

Our technology caters to individual patient preferences and backgrounds, fostering digital inclusion. Patients can access entertainment relevant to their demographics and cultures, bridging divides. We reduce isolation through games and virtual connections to family.

By managing pain and anxiety, we enable better sleep and recovery. SPARK® Media can provide light therapy, music, meditation and more to support positive mental health. This holistic approach promotes the social and emotional well-being critical to quality of life.

We also deliver vital health education to boost participation in care decisions and post-discharge planning. Improving comprehension this way promotes equality and personal autonomy. Consistent usage helps hospitals better understand patient needs, supply resources accordingly and reduce readmissions.

SPARK® Media makes the NHS experience more positive for patients from all walks of life. We believe every patient deserves the best care delivered in the most uplifting way possible. 

By working to humanise healthcare, we assist the NHS in providing truly patient-centred and sustainable care.



SPARK® Media Lite is the standard package included for all SPARK® Connect customers and caters to the BYOD solution, providing a dynamic web-based platform that seamlessly links to curated websites. 

Spark Media Mobile

SPARK® MEDIA Full Package

Upgrade the standard SPARK® Media Lite package to unlock more links and apps to display on the platform.

With the SPARK® Media Full Package, patients can access more entertainment options — including live TV and radio — with no limit on the information you can display through our SPARK® Media platform.

You can customise the tabs and provide as many links as you'd like to other entertainment platforms or hospital resources. 



  • stream-icon

    Video streaming

  • play-icon

    Live TV*

  • tv-icon

    BBC Archive and Music Memories for dementia patients

  • information-icon

    Hospital information

  • document-icon

    NHS resources such as A-Z health index or videos

  • radio-icon

    Live Radio including Hospital Radio

  • tablet-stream-icon

    Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ITVX

  • jigsaw-icon

    Sudoku on Lite + 14 additional puzzle games on Full package

  • give-icon-small

    Charity donation

  • newspaper-icon

    Option to add Magazines and newspapers

  • *only available with SPARK® Media Full Package


saved using translation services


saved using e-prescribing


saved using electronic meal ordering


saved using clinical messaging and referral systems

Find out how much you could save

Our App Catalogue

Empowering patients to take control of their healthcare journey by:


Boosting service efficiencies

With access to a range of educational resources, including the NHS Apps Library and an A-Z of medicine, patients can learn more about their condition and find reliable answers to their healthcare questions without the need for staff intervention.


Enabling engagement

Patients can stay up to date with the latest hospital news and have their voices heard through surveys and polls, giving you a better insight into areas where improvements could be made.


Providing entertainment

Reduce anxiety and eliminate boredom as patients receive access to an expansive digital library of newspapers and magazines, TV, films and interactive games. Video calling capabilities also allow your patients to keep in touch with loved ones, reducing feelings 
of isolation.


Promoting education

Empower your patients to learn more about their condition and how they can manage it with access to various online resources, including NHS apps, healthcare videos and NHS choices.


Helping hospital staff provide the best level of care by:


Boosting service efficiencies

Equip your staff with the ability to access a range of clinical resources on-demand to support the delivery of enhanced patient care.


Enabling engagement

Ensure all team members are kept up to date with news, events and communications from across the Trust.


Providing entertainment

Staff will have access to SPARK® Media’s extensive entertainment library of reading materials, films, TV, radio and web browsing to improve employee well-being.


Encouraging on-going education

Acting as a conduit for Trust training materials, the SPARK® Media platform provides team members with access to a range of educational resources and direct contact with training as and when required. 


Improve your patient experience today

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is SPARK® Media free for patients?

Yes! All SPARK Products are free for end users & patients. Trusts and their charities can front the cost to provide this essential entertainment and engagement resource to patients.

How does SPARK® Media work?

Once you’ve successfully connected to our WiFi, you will be re-directed to the SPARK Media landing page. If this doesn’t happen automatically, enter www.wifitv.co.uk into your web-browser.

There are three tabs on this platform: Entertainment, Charity and MyCare. Each tab links to an entertainment platform or resource.

Can I add custom links or applications to my service?

Yes, absolutely! We can feature whatever your Trust or hospital wants to display or signpost patients and visitors too. This can be a web link or an application from our apps catalogue.

Can I have SPARK® Media for just one ward?

Yes! If you’d like to test the return on investment of SPARK® Media we can deploy the solution on one ward to be specifically tailored to that ward. When you’re ready, we can rollout to other wards/areas with a fully customised solution for each.

(This only applies to the solution on Bedside Units rather than BYOD)

How is the solution digitally inclusive?

Our SPARK solution covers three avenues to ensure digital inclusivity.

  1. Bring your own device (BYOD) where patients connect to our WiFi and access digital engagement platforms for entertainment & resources through SPARK® Media.
  2. Trust devices such as tablets that can be lent out to patients where they can access SPARK® Media.
  3. Bedside Unit (BSU) devices mounted to walls hosting SPARK® Media as the platform. These will be an upgrade to the existing Hospedia BSU and will be free for the patient, or can be installed from scratch.

I’ve lost the SPARK® Media page, how do I navigate back to it?

Not a problem, simply enter www.wifitv.co.uk into your web browser.

I can’t connect to the WiFi. Where do I go for support?

For support with WiFi please click here
You can search our FAQ's, or raise a ticket and one our support team will be in contact with you to resolve the issue.

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