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The platform for digital transformation in healthcare

The answer to improving the patient experience is now here for the UK. 

SPARK® Fusion is the latest state-of-the-art  solution taking over the UK. Born from a SPARK TSL acquisition, SPARK® Fusion is a complete end-to-end infotainment solution that supports both patients, staff and NHS Hospitals. 

Integrated with HL7, nurse call and meal ordering, Fusion reduces bed blocking and readmission rates whilst entertaining and educating the patient at every stage of their healthcare journey.

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A success story in The Netherlands

Enhancing the patient experience and staff efficiencies with a flexible and scalable solution that’s always up to date.

SPARK® Fusion provides a unique total solution for healthcare providers and healthcare patients on a bedside unit in hospital. It is an app-based platform providing functionality in addition to our  SPARK® Media BYOD solution, which is available on Apple iPad devices at the bedside. 

When people are in hospital or when they are in regular contact with healthcare providers, patients like to be in control as much as possible, prior to treatment, during their stay in a healthcare environment, and during recovery. 


Hospitals in the Netherlands have Fusion software already


Better Informed




Bed Blocking






Feedback Scores

Information & Entertainment



  • TV, Radio & internet
  • Video calling & telephony
  • Treatment information & Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Surveys
  • HL7 (FIHR) integration and pain score
  • Discharge evaluation  
  • Nurse call and service requests (integrations with IQ Messenger, Allertive, Ascom) or proprietary messaging on the staff devices (iOS, Android)  
  • Meal ordering (integration with Delegate, Datasym)  
  • Patient Feedback (PREMS / PROMS)  
  • Patient Information – based on their medical indication (3rd party integrations)  
  • Room Control / Domotica integrations (KNX, Dali)  
  • Door signs (Room / Corridor Panel) integrations (Johnson Controls)
  • Staff & patient chat
  • Content composer

Case Studies


Proud to already be making a difference at

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are the units free to use for patients?

We have a simple answer for this one. Yes! 

What's different about these units to Hospedia units?

The three key differences are: 

  1. Everything is free to use for patients. 
  2. They aren’t 20 years old. Units won’t need to be repaired as frequently, they’re more user friendly, have modern touch screens and functionality. 
  3. They’re customisable down to ward level.  

You can choose what you’d like patients to have access to through our apps catalogue. With integrations options available for meal ordering and clinical use, SPARK Fusion is much more than a TV. 

Can I replace Hospedia units with these easily?

SPARK® Fusion was designed with ease in mind. The backplate for the new units fit perfectly on the existing arms that currently hold the 20-year-old Hospedia Bedside Units. With this plug and play approach, SPARK® Fusion can very easily swap out Hospedia with minimal disruption to wards. 

Why should Trusts consider replacing Hospedia with SPARK® Fusion?

If Hospedia is already in your Trust, then you know that the concept of a bedside entertainment unit could be a brilliant tool for both patients and staff. Currently they run off an outdated patient pays model that everyone wants to be rid of (including us!) and have limited functionality. It’s more cost effective and less disruptive to replace the Hospedia screens with SPARK® Fusion, than it is to entirely remove the existing Hospedia Bedside Units, arms and all.  

Please help us remove the patient pays model and vastly improve the patient experience along with providing ROI for your Trust.  

Why should Trusts consider installing SPARK® Fusion as a patient entertainment & engagement solution?

If your Trust doesn’t have Hospedia, then you’ll notice a digital divide between the elderly who rely on staff and physical reading materials, and those who have their own device. SPARK® Fusion bridges this digital inequality by providing everyone with access to free entertainment and hospital resources. Why is this important? If improving the patient experience isn’t reason enough, then just look at the ROI benefits this technology can bring to your staff and hospital 

I’m a patient/staff and need help with a Hospedia Bedside Unit. Where do I go?

We have a dedicated page with resources and support. Press the button below to read our FAQ’s or raise a support ticket with our team.  

Product support

How long does it take to install the units from new?

With power and data in place,  we can install 50 Bedside Units per week.  

It would take another 3 days to set up the core infrastructure. On top of this. 

Already a customer and have a question about the product?

Visit our product support page and we can help you further.

Product support     

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