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WiFi SPARK acquires Hospedia - is this the end of legacy patient entertainment?

Access our webinar to learn more about our vision for the future of patient experience, with free entertainment at the forefront.

WiFi SPARK’s parent company Volaris recently acquired Hospedia with a vision of transforming patient engagement in the healthcare sector. This exciting webinar provides insight as to why the acquisition has happened, what our customers are saying about it, and how this affects you, the healthcare industry.

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guest speakers

For the first time, we brought the CEOs of each company together to discuss the acquisition and the handing over of Hospedia. In this candid conversation, Matt O'Donovan and Jason Cooper transparently recount the experience of the acquisition as well as their hopes for the future. 


Matt O'Donovan - CEO of WiFi SPARK

Matt 2023

Jason Cooper - MD of Hospedia

Jason Cooper 2022

By downloading the webinar, you’ll learn more about:

The acquisition itself 

Why the choice was made and the opportunities that are going to arise for NHS Trusts and the rest of the healthcare industry.

Our vision

 How SPARK® will transform hospital technology to support the free entertainment and engagement vision.

The changes

How brand new advanced technology and pioneering software will change the entertainment landscape and what benefits you will see for patients, staff and the Trusts.

What you can do to help

To make our vision become a reality, we are working with Trusts to build a better future of engagement and entertainment and we need your help. Learn how to become an advocate for the development of SPARK® and affect real change in the delivery of the patient and staff experience across the NHS.

"This webinar marks the debut of our vision for better patient entertainment and therefore better patient experience. WiFi SPARK is set to embark on a new and exciting chapter and it's all about looking beyond patient entertainment to revolutionise engagement for patients and staff across the NHS."

Matt O'Donovan, CEO

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