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The WiFi platform to transform your Trust

Investing in managed wireless WiFi solutions for the NHS just became easier.

Connect patients and staff with SPARK® Connect, and engage and entertain using SPARK® Media.

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Proud to already be making a difference at


Working on a tight budget?

We meet Trusts where they are. We’ll work with you to implement SPARK® Media on a smaller scale that meets the needs of your Trust.  


Powerful as a product, even stronger as a team

Our vision to engage and entertain patients and visitors in hospitals, to boost well-being and faster recovery, is achievable with your help. 

We work with the NHS and app providers to increase the efficiency of staff and healthcare professionals. 

Our mission is to minimise cost and wastage, shorten wait times and reduce bed blocking using managed wireless network solutions. 

Together, we can provide every patient with free entertainment in hospitals across the UK.

SPARK Connect Portal


SPARK® Connect does what it says on the tin — connects people through WiFi and provides wards with a platform to engage with patients and drive digital transformation. 

This foundational WiFi connection enables you to provide the SPARK® Media solution throughout the hospital.

SPARK® Media Lite is provided to every SPARK® Connect customer. 

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  • Engage with patients in a way that suits them 
  • Harbour safe, secure and 24/7/365 management and support 
  • Provide free WiFi connections for patients and staff 
SPARK Media Mobile


Educate, inform, engage and entertain patients and staff, on their own or hospital-provided devices.  

Every SPARK® Connect customer receives SPARK® Media Lite, a web-based platform that seamlessly links to curated websites. 

SPARK® Media Lite customers can upgrade to SPARK® Media Full Package, providing access to Freeview TV and live radio.

Our solution means entertainment and engagement services are free for patients from their chosen device or accessed via SPARK® Horizon units.

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  • Relieve patient boredom and improve well-being
  • Give patients the option to use the device they’re most comfortable with
  • Provide free entertainment and information to patients
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SPARK® Fusion is a versatile, lightweight unit and is the first piece of technology that merges the software of two industry giants into one NHS-focused piece.

The powerful technology allows patients to access entertainment and engagement applications from their bedside unit.

Trusts with outdated Hospedia units can make the most of this existing infrastructure to save money on installation and minimise disruption.

Discover the Future of Bedside Units with SPARK Fusion

  • Bridge the digital gap between generations 
  • Improve staff efficiencies by using SPARK® Fusion with HL7 integration
  • Provide specialist care information through the Units

The future of care starts now

As a buildable platform, SPARK® Media is the conduit to present thousands of applications within healthcare environments. 

It’s an advanced mobile app platform that helps Trusts create and integrate health, care, entertainment and engagement apps into their services. Meet the needs of your patients and visitors more effectively and efficiently with modern technology.

Doctors using technology

Standard apps include TV, radio, games, newspapers, magazines and surveys.  Hospitals can select which apps they’d like to feature, including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and shopping and parking apps. 

Specialist clinical apps can also be selected, such as electronic meal ordering, electronic observations and electronic patient records. They’re chosen based on your specific needs and can be customised by ward.


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