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A platform that benefits more than just patients

We understand that Trust funding is limited and WiFi or engagement solutions aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about your budgets.

Our vision is that no patient has to pay for entertainment. We want to accelerate hospitals to become the UK leaders in digital transformation and connectivity.

We built SPARK TSL’s healthcare solution with charities in mind — to help implement this solution and reap the benefits. Working closely with NHS charities across the UK, WiFi is being actively used to increase charity exposure, drive donations and generate awareness.


Just some of the amazing charities already supporting NHS WiFi

Charity funding

SPARK® TSL works with a range of NHS charities nationwide to use WiFi and patient engagement platforms to increase the reach, engagement and awareness of the charities that fund the innovation.


How does it work?

By integrating your charity’s news, events and donation buttons onto SPARK® Media, Trusts can actively contribute to addressing social issues and positively impact their community. It also allows the Trust to support causes aligning with its own mission or intentions, ultimately fulfilling its goals. 

To develop this further, visitors can enter their email and check a ‘hear more from us’ box, which will enrol them into the charity’s marketing database so they may receive regular updates long after they leave the hospital. This allows the charity to nurture its relationships with visitors and keep them involved in future activities. 

Patients, visitors and staff engaging in charitable activities can provide emotional satisfaction to themselves and Trustees, and offer a sense of fulfilment, purpose and meaning beyond financial gains. 

Knowing that the Trust is making a difference and positively impacting the lives of others can be deeply rewarding and can contribute to the overall well-being of those associated with the Trust.

Download the SPARK TSL NHS Charity Webinar

NHS Charities

Working closely with NHS charities from across the UK, WiFi is being actively used to increase charity exposure, drive donations and generate awareness. This case study looks at our work with Imperial Health Charity, UHNM Charity, King’s College Hospital Charity and West Suffolk’s My Wish Charity to showcase the possibilities when investing in patient engagement.

Read the full case study


NHS Charities had the opportunity to raise thousands due to exposure on the SPARK® Media platform

We know that patients can struggle with boredom… and we hope that providing some entertainment to pass the time will help alleviate frustration whilst also easing some of the pressure on staff. We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Trust on this project…

- Iona Joy, Director of Grants, King’s College Hospital Charity

The charity took more donations in the first six weeks of the Trust using SPARK TSL than they had in the previous three years!

Glenn Winteringham, Group Chief Digital Officer at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Between September and December 2022, the Trust and its charity saw around 4,000 monthly email subscribers. Since working with SPARK® TSL, the traffic volume to the RFL Charity website has increased significantly, rising to over 17,000 in February 2023 — all from the Trust adding their charity logo onto the WiFi portal homepage that users can click on and interact with.

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Display charity branding

Patients and visitors can engage with charity content, donation links and information, expanding charity reach exponentially


Increase charity donations

Charities using a SPARK® TSL solution had the opportunity to raise an average of £25,810 through promotion in 2021


Improve patient experience

Funding patient engagement services has enabled patients to access various entertainment opportunities, enriching their recovery and reducing boredom

How to Maximise Your Donation Channels with SPARK TSL: An NHS Charity Webinar

Did you know that our WiFi portals can increase your subscriber base and boost donations? 

The data speaks for itself. Look at the results from two hospital charities:

Royal Free Charity

SPARK TSL Logo Symbol BoltGrew their subscriber base from 5,000 to 60,000 in just 1 year! 

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity

SPARK TSL Logo Symbol BoltAcquired 26,000 new subscribers in 2023 (95% increase). From these, 4% play their lottery, generating £54,163 in annual revenue.

How is this possible? Watch our Charity Webinar to learn all about it.

Download the SPARK TSL NHS Charity Webinar

NHS Charity Webinar Video (1)

Support a Trust and change the patient experience

Ready to make a difference in a patient’s life? Get in touch to see how we can improve patient experience and benefit your charity. 

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How does working together support your charity?

  • With a staggering number of 42 million daily unique WiFi sessions, our WiFi portals capture the attention of countless individuals. By featuring your charity's logo on our portal, you can harness the power of widespread exposure. This exposure has the potential to generate valuable donations, as our portal seamlessly links to your charity's donation page.

  • Moreover, with our SPARK Media platform, the exposure is extended. Any Trust that utilises SPARK Connect will automatically have access to the lite version of SPARK Media, complete with links to the Trust Charity.

  • Additionally, as the overseer of over 50 thousand Bedside units throughout the UK, we can offer the opportunity to run a leaderboard advertisement for your Charity, further amplifying its visibility.

How can my charity get involved?

  • Already utilising our WiFi service, SPARK Connect, we can display the Trusts hospital charity logo and link on the WiFi registration page. Links can also be displayed across our SPARK Media service, putting your charity in the hands of patients, or in front of them on Bedside Units.
  • We will also promote the Trust’s charity via our social media channels, and work together to promote the charity through our written content such as blogs, case studies and email campaigns.

Do you sponsor charity events?

  • If we establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with one of our customers, based on their active involvement and dedication to maximising the potential of their services, we would be open to the possibility of providing support and sponsorship for a charity event.
  • Each case will be carefully considered, as we unfortunately cannot extend our support to every NHS charity. This is precisely why we are trying to work more with NHS Charities Together, to collectively make a meaningful impact in supporting the healthcare community.

Does SPARK TSL do any fundraising itself?

Absolutely! Every year, our staff votes for a charity of the year, and we believe it is essential to contribute both as individuals and as a company. Giving back is a core value that drives us to make a positive impact in our community.

From 2020 to 2023, we have raised a grand total of £7,547 to the following charities.

Join a community working towards the digital transformation of healthcare

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Maximise Your Donation Channels with SPARK TSL

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