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Shaping the Future of Healthcare, Together

In this on-demand webinar, hear from other industry professionals as they pose their questions to a panel of patient experience experts. Gain insight into key relevant topics and discover how we're working to change the future of patient experience.

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healthcare Hospedia join WiFi Spark

Hospedia Joins WiFi SPARK

WiFi SPARK’s parent company, Volaris, acquired Hospedia with a vision of transforming patient engagement in the healthcare sector. This exciting webinar provides insight as to why the acquisition has happened, what our customers are saying about it and how this affects the healthcare industry.

53,600 bedside entertainment units already installed
750,000 media sessions per day across WiFi, patient TV and engagement
Find out more
  • Why the choice was made for WiFi SPARK and Hospedia to come together
  • How SPARK® will transform hospital technology to support the free entertainment and engagement vision
  • Discover pioneering opportunities and options for Trusts
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Take a look at the highlights from one of our recent events.

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Demo Day Highlights

Take a look at the highlights from one of our recent events.

Event Testimonial

Find out what our attendees took away from our demo day.

Event Testimonial

Hear what our attendees had to say about our recent demo day.

Event Testimonial

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