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Over half of the Healthcare Facilities Management Company sites deploy SPARK® TSL

Looking at supplying internet connectivity in its 300 versatile properties that responded to the needs of their tenants.

Its goals centered around enhancing its offering within its facilities and ensuring that the solution remained low touch for the NHS. The goals were to provide a touchpoint for visitors, secure WiFi, a managed service, and analytics all that were flexible for varying tenancies.

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About the Healthcare Facilities Management Company

Organisation Type

Healthcare facilities investor

Size of Operation

300 sites, 164 of which WiFi SPARK currently deploy its solution to

Client Since


Product Suites

  • SPARK® Gateway  
  • Customised branded User Experience Portal
  • Content filtering  
  • Multi-level firewall
  • SPARK® Analytics
  • 24/7/365 Service Desk 



  • Provide an adaptable internet connectivity solution
  • Add value through enhanced offerings for tenants and end-users

  • Roll out solutions with exponential buildability

  • Deliver a solution that works for flexible rental schemes

  • Enable NHS staff to move about various estates whilst being able to access digital services

  • Offer a reliable helpdesk and support system, available 24/7/365


Our Solution

With the healthcare facilities management’s tenants varying within the healthcare profession, the tenancy duration needs change from building to building, month to month. Because of this, it was extremely important to provide a managed WiFi service that tenants wouldn’t have to worry about. Datrix and WiFi SPARK presented a solution that primarily provided a fast, reliable and secure guest-access network for tenants and visiting NHS staff. The guest-access WiFi allows NHS staff to connect to their VPN and have access to all the necessary files and documents wherever they are in the building.

On top of the guest-access WiFi for staff, patients and visitors can connect to the WiFi and browse at their leisure whilst waiting for appointments.

Gating the WiFi is an entirely customised User Experience (UX) Portal. Standing out from its competitors, the WiFi SPARK User Experience Portal can be tailored to every requirement of the company’s branding. allowing for a visually premium greeting meaning CHP can keep their visitors up to date on location activities and use the UX as an advertising platform.

Amendable content filtering is in place across all the locations through the SPARK® Guaridan, ensuring visitors can browse safely. Striving to coninuously provide value for the company, WiFi SPARK installed its SPARK® Analytics soultion to enable real time location insight to be gained. SPARK® Analytics feeds real time information back to an easy to digest dashboard form which the company is able to monitor active sessions across all of their locations.

Wrapping up the solution is end-to-end monitoring of all sites by WiFi SPARK Engineers and 24 / 7 / 365 assistance in the form of the WiFi SPARK Service Desk. The monitoring further allows the company to provide their tenants with a truly managed service no matter their tenancy length or requirements.

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The Value

The company has been able to gain immense value from implementing a WiFi SPARK and Datrix solution.

With Datrix’s Extreme Network at the heart of the solution, their sites now benefit from industry-leading, scalable WiFi with multiple levels of routing and a managed firewall.

As with the User Experience Portal, the company is now able to offer more to its tenants and meet its goal of providing an innovative and sustainable space for the NHS.  





This project showcased Datrix and WiFi SPARK working to their strengths

The Extreme Network is only enhanced by a WiFi SPARK gateway, User Experience, and managed service. The two working successfully together only amplifies the opportunities available to the Partners in the future on new endeavours.  


Having laid down the foundations, we are now ideally placed to grow further in the coming years. With the ongoing innovation between WiFi SPARK and Extreme, we look forward to further enhancing the service and building a longer, stronger relationship with the customer.

Mark Thomas Managing Director, Datrix



of the sites already live with the Datrix and WiFi SPARK solution show an incredible number of sessions on the new network between April 2020 and March 2021

The Numbers

Connecting over 300,000 people, 100,000 of whom were unique, first-time connections, the company is able to interact with their visitors like never before.

Upon connection to the Extreme network, all visitors are met with the company's User Experience portal meaning marketing to their visitors has never been easier. On top of this, the company is now able to interpret analytics from over 300,000 visitors to better understand their market and inform future builds and initiatives.  
Working with Datrix and WiFi SPARK, the company has been able to realise its goal of providing innovation and value to its tenants. 

The Future

As of April 2021, WiFi SPARK and Datrix have successfully installed their solution at 164 of the company’s 300 sites. With progressive installation continuing, the immediate future will look at establishing all sites and identifying useful areas of improvement within each site dependent on the analytics data received. Areas of future expansion include the implementation of WiFi SPARK’s Advanced Analytics, effectively used across the retail and transport sectors, it utilises presence detection technology to gain valuable insights into the movement of visitors across various locations whether connected to the WiFi or not. Further advancements can look towards a more acute content management offering including further opportunity for advertising and the provision of information for visitors.

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To download a copy of the Healthcare Facilities Management Company case study as a PDF, simply click the link below.

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