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Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Jeroen Bosch Hospital implemented SPARK® Fusion's innovative iPad solution with 600 tablets to empower patients and enable remote healthcare. Patients gained control over meal ordering, accessing medical info, entertainment and secure video calling. The mobility encouraged activity during recovery. For staff, it streamlined workflows by integrating existing systems while ensuring privacy compliance. Overall, the solution delivered a personalised, empowering experience, positioning the hospital to achieve top wellbeing ratings by prioritising optimal patient health and satisfaction.

Jeroen Bosch Hospital Exterior

About Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Organisation Type

Dutch Hospital

Size of Operation

600 iPads

Client Since

  • 2021

Product Suites

  • SPARK® Fusion
    • Linked to Patient file (HIX)
    • Meal ordering
    • Video calling
    • Complete management
    • Rehabilitation information

What Makes Jeroen Bosch Hospital Brilliant?


Work together with family, friends, the patient, GP, local government and care homes to provide the best complete care tailored to the individual.

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They have a goal that by 2025, people from Den Bosch and the surrounding area will give their health well-being the highest rating in the Netherlands.


They have a negative impact on the environment with -7% electricity consumption and -6% water consumption. 50% of employees also regularly come in by bike amongst many other sustainable practices.

Doctor taking care of patient in hospital room


  • Give patients more control of their health journey and stay.
  • Encourage patients to be more mobile with an iPad.
  • Compliance with privacy regulations and protecting patient information.
  • Provide remote healthcare to free up staff.
  • Have the highest rating in the Netherland for health well-being by 2025.

About Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch opened in 2011 and strives to provide care to suit the patient and work together to bring about the best outcome and care. The hospital serves an area of 360,000 inhabitants. The Jeroen Bosch hospital has 4,000 employees and 240 physicians and surgeons in 29 medical specialisms. These offer almost any medical specialism, leading to a yearly total of 500,000 outpatient treatments, and 60,000 inpatient treatments. Education and training is part of the mission of Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The hospital trains new doctors.

We encourage patients to get out of bed when possible and be more mobile. SPARK Fusion allows them to watch TV anywhere, play games with other patients and use our services. We believe this will aid their recovery, through greater mobility and more social interaction

Letty van den Aker, Head of Unit Guest Service


Our Solution

Jeroen Bosh wanted to give more power to patients, increase mobility while in hospital and provide more than just television at the bedside. It’s all in an effort to get the highest well-being rating in the Netherlands. The SPARK® Fusion solution of an iPad at the bedside has provided the solution they were looking for.

A Dutch company called Sentean Group developed Fusion in 2021. SPARK TSL acquired Sentean in 2024 where both companies are set to bring their joint offerings to the UK. The Fusion product has been rebranded SPARK® Fusion since the acquisition.

Learn More About The Acquisition

The benefits of a tablet-based solution compared to traditional TVs is that it’s much more convenient and versatile, while allowing the provision of information and a vast entertainment centre. The SPARK® Fusion solution enables a patient to order food, drinks, and access other services themselves without relying on ward staff.

Watch the video in Dutch to learn how Jeroen Bosch Hospital uses iPads for patients (English subtitles can be turned on).

A nurse shows an iPad mounted on a hospital bed stand to a patient, demonstrating the SPARK Fusion patient engagement solution that provides access to entertainment, medical information, and hospital services directly at the bedside.

Several features on SPARK® Fusion include:

  • Live TV
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Hospital information such as visiting times
  • Link to patient file (HIX) to provide treatment information
  • Meal ordering
  • Video calling

Along with the iPads and SPARK® Fusion, Jeroen Bosh wanted the management of the devices to be taken care of as to not add additional strain to internal IT staff. With the service and 24/7 support wrapper, the iPads are also monitored and tracked if they’re taken from the hospital and can be remotely erased it the iPad falls into the wrong hands. It’s one less thing for the hospital to worry about and provides reassurance that patient data will be protected. Click the button bellow to speak to us about implementing Fusion in your hospital.

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The Future

SPARK® Fusion is adaptable to change and can be updated to include additional features. This can be something simple such as hosting surveys, so patients can provide feedback on their experience. More smart functionalities can be enabled such as controlling the lights, door, curtains and thermostat of the room. This frees up staff and makes patients feel more in-control and capable. SPARK® Fusion can also provide an ‘online shop’ that patients can order from and get the item delivered to their hospital bed.

The features and benefits that SPARK® Fusion bring are practically limitless. 

Discover the Future of Bedside Units with SPARK Fusion

We see that the iPad makes the patient much more mobile, which promotes a good recovery.

Letty van den Aker

Head of Unit Guest Service

Feature Highlights

Meal ordering

Many hospitals are moving away from set meal schedules. To accommodate this for Jeroen Bosch, SPARK® Fusion integrates an app that lets patients order food anytime using an iPad. This system offers more flexibility - patients can eat when they're hungry, not by the clock. The kitchen also benefits by avoiding overwhelming surges of orders at peak times. Plus, patients can browse menus and place orders with a touch of a button.

Meal order delivery

Secure Video Calling

Keeping in touch with family and friends while in hospital is vital for patients. The support and company they provide is invaluable. SPARK® Fusion supports an app that provides a secure connection and sends a one-time link for family members at home to click. They will then be connected to the patient’s iPad and a video call will start.

Patient Video Calling


Privacy and security are paramount in healthcare settings. SPARK® Fusion has a self-securing framework that adds additional layers of security to the app. This is transparent to the user and prevents any unauthorised log in sessions.

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Jeroen Bosch Hospital's adoption of SPARK® Fusion's iPad solution has been a resounding success in empowering patients, increasing mobility, maintaining privacy compliance and enabling remote healthcare delivery. 

The iPads have given patients unprecedented control over their stay, from ordering meals to accessing medical information. The mobility afforded has encouraged crucial activity during recovery while secure video calling has fostered vital social connections. 
Staff have also expressed how the system has made their job more streamlined and reduced pressure, while also having a positive impact on patient satisfaction and experiences. 

With SPARK® Fusion, Jeroen Bosch is well-positioned to achieve its goal of the highest well-being rating in the Netherlands by 2025. With this solution, the hospital can deliver a truly personalised experience, empowering patients and prioritising optimal health and happiness for all.  


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