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SPARK TSL at the Healthcare Partnership Network

5 minute read | 27/04/2023

SPARK TSL at the Healthcare Partnership Network

Two days packed full of presentations, networking, panel discussions and one-to-one meetings all centered around Healthcare in the UK. Lots was covered and learned from healthcare professionals and suppliers from all over the UK. 

Our two representatives were Amanda Keyworth (sales) and James Morriss (business development). Both interacted with current and potential customers through the one-to-one meetings and as a result of James’s Inspiring speech. 

Catch up on the events of the day and what it was like. 

  1. Agenda

  2. James's Speech

  3. Conclusion

HPN Agenda

The Healthcare Partnership Network (HPN) kicked off at 8 am at Hilton Deansgate in Manchester on the 28th of March. Attendees and suppliers alike poured in and started to mingle. Opening the day was the Chair, Dame Linda Pollard from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. There were a few presentations which included a quick-fire ‘Dragons Den’ session where each supplier had a minute to talk about their company, and what they can do to help the NHS. This entertaining introduction to the suppliers attracted an audience of 200 keen listeners. It was then time for the one-to-one meetings.

SPARK TSL was fully booked up and had every attendee make their meeting. Part of this was due to the superbAmanda-at-HPN organisation of the HPN team.

‘I was blown away by the organisation of it. It was just fantastic.’ said Amanda. 

Upon arrival, attendees had their photo taken which was linked to their name and job role. If someone was late to a meeting, the organisers would know the name and face and hold them accountable for a meeting they signed up for. No one’s time was wasted at this event. 

After James's presentation on 'Leveraging technology in the fight against healthcare crisis: best practices for hospitals', the day continued with more informative sessions and networking opportunities. Attendees enjoyed lunch and dinner, which provided the perfect opportunity for networking and getting to know suppliers. Branded dinner tables were set up, and attendees were invited to dine with suppliers in a relaxed and informal setting, facilitating meaningful conversations and relationships.

The second day of the Healthcare Partnership Network event was filled with even more opportunities for presentations, meetings, and networking. It was a refreshing change from the usual back-and-forth of trying to schedule virtual meetings via email. The attendees who were genuinely interested in the suppliers made sure to actively engage and request meetings, resulting in productive conversations that aimed to alleviate the problems of the NHS. Such a gathering of like-minded individuals was inspiring. If this many people can come together and work towards a common goal, then anything is possible.

Discover SPARK Media BSU 

James’s Presentation. Leveraging Technology in the Fight Against Healthcare Crisis: Best Practices for Hospitals

The presentation delved into the ways hospitals can harness technology to overcome healthcare crises, including electronic health records, translation services, meal ordering, and more. It also explored how to tackle cost and efficiency issues while enhancing patient engagement, ultimately aiming to guide hospitals in leveraging technology to elevate patient care and support healthcare staff.

Key learning points: 
  •  Realise the value and opportunity in existing Hospedia infrastructure and being able to utilise this to save cost and deliver digital transformation at the bedside.
  • Understand the potential to proactively solve existing problems such as bed blocking and freeing up staff time to increase efficiencies.
  • Understand how this solution will better inform and educate patients and empower them on their healthcare journey.

All of these points come under the power of healthcare apps. Some current examples include clinical systems, communication, meal ordering, e-prescribing, and more. SPARK TSL can host all of these useful applications on one platform, SPARK® Media Bedside Unit. By utilising the convenience of these apps in one platform, the NHS can streamline their processes and enhance patient care. This approach is far superior to spreading out these systems, as it provides a more efficient and accessible healthcare experience for patients and staff alike.James Moriss-2

James has a knack for speeches and captivated the attention of those who previously didn’t consider SPARK TSL as a solution. 

‘People came over and wanted to talk to us who weren’t on the list which was great.’

Attendance was also a success as Amanda stated that ‘It was packed and went down so well.’

James got affirmation from Trusts that SPARK TSL is doing the right thing. James recalls an interaction with the IT director for the integrated care system for the whole South of England: “Our Trusts really like you, keep doing what you're doing. This is what we want be doing at our Trusts.” It was nice that someone of that seniority validated that we're doing the right things.’

This reassuring feedback from Trust delegates will only spur us onwards and upwards as we carry the success of one more event forward.


Healthcare events provide a valuable platform for suppliers and NHS decision-makers to come together and foster collaboration that may not have been possible otherwise. SPARK TSL is always open to collaboration, and it's never too late to get in touch. Visit our website and fill out our contact form today to start the conversation.
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