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Introducing SPARK® TSL: Connecting Hospedia and WiFi SPARK as One

3 minute read | 07/09/2023

Introducing SPARK® TSL: Connecting Hospedia and WiFi SPARK as One


We are thrilled to share some momentous news that marks a significant turning point in our journey. In 2021, WiFi SPARK acquired Hospedia, with a vision to make patient entertainment free.

With a combined presence in over 150 NHS Hospitals, WiFi SPARK and Hospedia have established themselves as key players in the industry. Many of these hospitals already benefit from products offered by both companies.

Today marks the day that both companies are united under one name: SPARK® TSL.


This re-branding isn't just about changing a name. It solidifies our aim to remove patient paid entertainment and ensure that Hospital Trusts are UK Leaders in digital transformation and connectivity.

Combining WiFi SPARK and Hospedia into a single entity means we can combine the Bedside Units, SPARK® Connect and SPARK® Media. Positive change is coming your way under the banner of SPARK® TSL. Watch as we redefine patient connectivity and elevate the hospital experience.


Our Dedication to Improvement

Here at SPARK® TSL, we are always pushing the bounds and looking at ways we can improve. Looking ahead, SPARK® TSL plans on continuous growth as a leader in powering the digital hospital experience across the UK and has a mission to deliver innovation, that makes life better. Uniting both Hospedia and WiFi SPARK under one name solidifies our values and our mission to improve the patient experience.

WiFi SPARK's journey began as a WiFi company, providing reliable and secure connectivity in various sectors such as retail, rail, and stadiums. WiFi SPARK switched focus as soon as Matt O’Donovan, our CEO, saw the positive impact this company could make within the healthcare landscape. This realisation prompted the creation of SPARK® Media and the acquisition of Hospedia.

However, rest assured that our commitment to providing WiFi connectivity to other sectors remains unchanged. Existing non-healthcare sector customers with existing contracts will still be able to enjoy the benefits of SPARK® Connect and SPARK® Analytics under the WiFi SPARK name.


A Unified Approach to Healthcare

With the dawn of SPARK® TSL, we are reaffirming our focus on the public healthcare sector for existing and new customers. WiFi SPARK promised to eliminate the patient pays model that was created by Hospedia. However, achieving this goal requires the assistance of Trusts and their charities to either pay for the cover costs of TV, or upgrade to SPARK Fusion.

This is possible due to the considerable return on investment capabilities provided through SPARK Fusion. With it’s advanced integration technology, SPARK Fusion can save time and money through digital meal ordering, online prescription service, video conferencing, translation services and a plethora of healthcare information for patients.


What This Means for You

To our valued customers and partners, we want to assure you that this transition will be seamless. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, support, and innovation remains as steadfast as ever.

As we move forward as SPARK® TSL, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue serving you with the same level of dedication and trust that you have come to associate with our brand.

With our combined expertise, extensive experience, and now a unified identity, we are better positioned than ever to drive innovation within the healthcare technology landscape.

75% of patients want digital healthcare services

So let’s work together to give it to them, all while optimising NHS processes.

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