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Introducing SPARK Fusion, the Hospedia Upgrade

Join the future of patient engagement with an iPad at the bedside

6 minute read | 18/05/2023

Introducing SPARK Fusion, the Hospedia Upgrade

Understanding Hospedia, The Current Bedside Entertainment Solution

If you’ve been to hospital, then you’ve probably seen a Hospedia Bedside Unit – the units above a patient bed. With their presence in 120 Trusts, It’s a common sight. However, it’s no secret that these units are slightly outdated, having been introduced two decades ago.T3 Home Screen

Patientline created the Bedside Units, investing 150 million pounds worth of infrastructure into the NHS. This equated to the installation of 56,500 Bedside Units across 160 hospitals. This investment was free for the NHS, meaning the patients had to pay for entertainment. This model carried on when Hospedia acquired Patientline in 2008 and is still running after WiFi SPARK acquired Hospedia in 2021. (Becoming SPARK TSL.) The patient-pays model exists because the cost of TV goes towards the SKY & BT Sporting packages who have a fee, as well as the maintenance of the units which covers 24/7/365 support, health and safety checks, replacement of parts and the engineers that repair the units.

Learn More About Hospedia Bedside Units

SPARK TSL wants to move away from the patient pays model with SPARK Fusion. In the meantime, we encourage Trusts to educate their staff and therefore their patients on what the current Bedside units can do, to ensure patients get the most out of the available services. When SPARK Fusion is available, staff and patients will be more familiar with the ‘bedside entertainment and engagement’ concept.

SPARK Fusion, the App that Transforms Patient Engagement

Now how can one app change the game when it comes to patient engagement? First and foremost, it’s versatile and customisable. SPARK Fusion can host a range of other apps and information to display it all in one place. This app can be used on patients own devices before, during and after their planned hospital visit. It can also be used on a locked-down iPad or Android tablet at the bedside which will replace the Hospedia Bedside Units.

SPARK Fusion is the complete solution for patients and healthcare providers. Through SPARK Fusion, patients will have access to more information about their treatment, easily keep in touch with the practitioner and loved ones and be distracted by playing games or watching TV and so much more.

Fusion screenshots gif

As well as engagement and entertainment for patients, SPARK Fusion also integrates with clinical health systems such as HL7, to provide operational efficiencies for staff and clinicians.

SPARK Fusion was developed by the Dutch company, Sentean Group, whom SPARK TSL acquired in 2024. This solution is already rolled out in 30% of hospitals in the Netherlands. SPARK Fusion isn’t just a concept, but a proven patient engagement platform that provides ROI (return on investment).

Learn how SPARK Fusion Works in Jeroen Bosch Hospital


iPads Next to Patient’s Beds Instead of Simple TV

SPARK Fusion is deployed as an iPad at the bedside. It can either be in a locked case or resting on a lipped plate. Both can be mounted on the arm of the existing infrastructure that currently have Hospedia Bedside Units on the end of them. Else the arm can be installed from new.

A nurse in a white uniform stands by a hospital bed showing a tablet to a  patient lying in the bed. A professional medical facility setting.

By using an iPad, native apps on the apple store can be downloaded onto the device by SPARK TSL or the Trust. Then, the tablet is put into lockdown mode displaying SPARK Fusion where all the apps downloaded are accessible from a safe environment.

They can be customised down to ward level and provide services such as physiotherapy videos, integrate with the Trusts meal ordering system or electronic health records. Services such as My Care and Patient’s Know Best can be accessed through the iPads and SPARK Fusion app. Centralise all patient resources in one place with a user-friendly interface.

SPARK TSL also provides NHS WiFi through SPARK® Connect as part of our WiFi Solution. Meaning the iPads will continuously be connected to the internet with our stellar WiFi service.

Discover the Benefits of SPARK Fusion


A Continuously Connected Patient Journey

While the main functionality of the SPARK Fusion app is through the bedside on iPads, it can also be downloaded at home on patient’s own devices when they have a planned hospitalisation. They can log in and find all the information needed before their arrival in hospital. Upon arrival in the hospital, the app will detect their location and enable access to Live TV and other resources that patients can use during their stay. When they’re discharged and return home, further information such as post treatment instructions can be made available through their account and on the SPARK Fusion app.


Why Your Trust Should Upgrade to SPARK Fusion

It is free for the patient. We can use this product to eradicate the patient pays model of Hospedia so there will be no need to purchase hospital TV packages anymore. This was the primary reason why WiFi SPARK acquired Hospedia; to transform the patient experience by eliminating barriers to accessing entertainment.

It’s not 20 years old. SPARK Fusion is displayed on an iPad which can be remotely updated like all IOS devices. It provides access to native apps, Trust apps & web links, making it very adaptable. SPARK Fusion can support virtual wards thanks to video calling. It’s the perfect modern solution that will progress with time, rather than get left behind.


Swapping Hospedia for Fusion Couldn’t be Easier

We can maximise the existing infrastructure of the Hospedia arms and cabling to bring an iPad or Samsung tablet to the bedside. Providing up to date technology at patients' fingertips will provide a vast number of new features and benefits for both patients and staff.

By utilising the current wall mounts, Trusts can save on installation costs, providing a seamless and hassle-free plug-and-play experience. Additionally, this platform can apply to Apple TVs for private wards. SPARK Fusion is the key to the modernisation of entertainment and engagement solutions

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

SPARK Fusion will help tackle some of the larger challenges in the NHS including issues such as delayed discharge. Sometimes the clinician isn’t on site when a patient needs to be discharged, so they must wait another day. Clinicians also might have to drive between sites to discharge people like in United Lincolnshire where clinicians must travel between Grantham and Boston. By having video calling available on the patient’s bedside, clinicians can simply call the patient for a discharge rather than using their valuable time traveling.

In the financial year for 2022 - 23, 16 million people completed a Finished Admission Episode. If a quarter of 1% of those people left hospital one day earlier, the NHS would have an additional 400,000 nights of capacity.

Resources to the bedside such as patient portals, medication, information support, video resources, condition-specific information resources, services & signposting will all accumulate and help solve readmissions because patients will be educated. Accessible information will not only keep patients informed, but also save staff time.

SPARK Fusion can help chip away at some of the challenges that face the NHS to relieve some of the pressure. With more Trusts helping to evolve the platform, there’s no telling the types of benefits SPARK Fusion can bring.

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75% of patients want digital healthcare services

So let’s work together to give it to them, all while optimising NHS processes.

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