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HETT 2023 Recap: SPARK® TSL's Mission to Enhance NHS with Tech Innovations

6 minute read | 04/10/2023

HETT 2023 Recap: SPARK® TSL's Mission to Enhance NHS with Tech Innovations


Once again, SPARK® TSL has returned to the London HETT (Healthcare Excellence Through Technology) show to showcase our solution and connect with representatives from NHS Trusts and app suppliers. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere where likeminded people are gathered with the same goal: Improve the NHS through technology.

It was lovely to see some of our existing customers such as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospital Southampton and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust to name a few.

We showcased SPARK® Horizon, which has made vast improvements since its first appearance at HETT last year.


James Morriss' Speech: How Technology can be Accelerated Through Apps.

You might have read about SPARK® TSL, saw our branding, or even be a customer. But it’s hard to fully understand our company, people and mission through these means alone. This is why these events are important to us, because we get to connect with customers and NHS delegates in a personable way. They get to hear our advancements from the CEO himself, as well as our Managing Director, James Morriss.

James gave an educational and inspiring speech about who we are and how we can improve NHS efficiencies and save time and money while improving the patient experience. This kind of powerful messaging is the most impactful when witnessed first-hand. But I’ll do my best to recreate the impact of the powerful topics covered.

Unlocking the Potential of Existing Technology in the NHS: Overcoming Digital Inequality and Resource Challenges

James speech

We believe that there are some amazing opportunities for the NHS with existing apps and technology. The NHS has access to so much technology from patient meal ordering, patient portals, video consultations, wellness, medication advice to name a few. There has never been more technology available to support patients, and a more pressing need for those patients to be more empowered about their care.

We also believe that most of these tools simply cannot be used to their full potential because of a lack of resources to deliver, and promote such technology.

There are significant issues with digital inequality, with the patients that need the most support having less access to the tools that would help them. Signposting patients and staff to what is available, and just the practical implications of promoting an app is a significant burden, even if the benefits are clear. Just because things stack up on paper, we know that Trusts don’t have unlimited resources to make things happen.

The wide reach of the SPARK® TSL impact

56,000 beds in the NHS have our bedside units, and almost 120 NHS Trusts use our WiFi. (which includes a patient engagement portal as standard.)

We want to work together with our customers to integrate with some of the tools that are already out there. We can put the world at the side of a bed and present anything to a patient when they arrive at a Trust and login to the WiFi. This could range from information, support, signposting to alternative services, promote self-check and more.

Any app, service, or information is only useful if you can grant access to the right patient, at the right time. Having a toolbox of incredible technology is great, but if you can’t get it to the people who would benefit the most, then it is a wasted opportunity. This is where SPARK(R) TSL can help.


The SPARK® TSL Vision

 SPARK(R) TSL Vision

The Potential Impact of Healthcare Applications Within the NHS

Lets focus on some of the high-level numbers in the NHS:

  • In the financial year of 21-22, 16 Million people completed an inpatient episode within an Acute NHS Trust
  • If 0.025% of those people left hospital 1 day earlier, the NHS would have an additional 40,000 nights available for other patients .

With such huge numbers, even a modest change could have a significant difference. We have a footprint in over 120 Acute Trusts. It must be possible to work together to achieve specific, tangible outcomes like this.

Lots of NHS Trusts that work with us don’t realis e the full potenital of the systems they already have in place. Any of our WiFi customers have access to a dedicated patient portal that can be used to signpost and inform patients whilst on site. The bedside units (formerly known as Hospedia) can host surveys such as the Friends and Family test and various other tools.

We believe that inequality of access is going to be one of the biggest barriers to making best use of information and technology for patients and staff.


Patient Education to Reduce Readmissions

Apps for Own Care

Empowering patients in their healthcare journey can have a positive impact on their own experience and reduce the burden on staff. Patients can have access to their own health records and update information which will sync up with NHS records. They can learn more about their condition by having access to the NHS A-Z Health index which is available on the Bedside Units, (previously Hospedia) and SPARK® Media. It can even be made ward specific, showing particular videos, resources or information to patients depending on what ward they are in. Furthermore, keeping patients entertained while in waiting rooms or in their hospital bed can help relieve boredom. This will keep their moods higher than if they didn’t have any entertainment.


Healthcare application partners

HETT was a brilliant place to meet other app vendors that could use the SPARK® TSL platform to bring a positive impact to the patient experience. We already have two app partners, Patients Know Best and Autumna.

PKB provides a platform where patients and health professionals can add, access and share health information - anytime, anywhere. It’s integrated with the NHS app making it easy for patients to create a PKB account and add an extra information. This holistic view means everyone is in the loop and patient’s feel empowered.

Autumna is the largest most detailed directory of later life care providers in the UK. This includes care homes, live-in care, retirement living and home care. Some elderly patients end up in hospital and suddenly can’t live on their own without support. Autumna puts the right action in place to help these patients.


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