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Improving Healthcare Experiences: SPARK® TSL Demonstration Day Insights

14 minute read | 30/11/2023

Improving Healthcare Experiences: SPARK® TSL Demonstration Day Insights

SPARK® TSL hosted their first demonstration day back in March. Hosted by Francesca McPhail, Healthcare Account Manager. Several NHS Trusts under her management gathered in Southampton. After this initial success for both SPARK® TSL & the Trusts, we decided to host another one. This time, in York at the renowned Racecourse, led by Mandy Keyworth.  

These events are invaluable to us as we get one-on-one conversations with the Trusts to learn their pain points and find synergy in solving them together, either through their current solution using previously untapped potential, or through an upgrade. 

  1. The SPARK® TSL Team 
  2. James’s Introduction Speech 
  3. Interacting with Horizon and SPARK® Media 
  4. Testimonials 
  5. The Positive Impact of SPARK® TSL 
  6. Conclusion 

The SPARK® TSL Team 

It wouldn’t be a demo day without valuable members from both our Trust customers and our own team. Meet the team who attended the Demo Day. 

  • James Morriss – Managing Director 
  • Rebecca O’Donovan - Marketing Director 
  • Kirstie Camerson – Commercial and Sales Director 
  • Amanda Keyworth – Healthcare Account Manager 
  • Ryan Graham – Product Owner 
  • Alice Becket – Marketing Content Specialist 


Meet the SPARK TSL Team


James’s Introduction Speech

James Morriss, SPARK® TSL’s newly appointed Managing Director, opened the event with an introductory speech, setting the tone for the Private Demonstration Day. James addressed nine Trusts from York and the surrounding areas on the current offerings, what we can do to help, and our appeal for more appropriate contacts within their Trusts.  

There was an emphasis on how SPARK® TSL can help improve the patient experience, work with the Trust to promoteImage-1 their charity, and signpost patients to pre-existing resources. SPARK® TSL has a large reach within NHS Trusts, and this can be used to their advantage. Unfortunately, many Trusts are unaware of the positive impact SPARK® TSL can bring. 

James Morris highlights the reach we have with SPARK® TSL’s biggest customer.  

“Our biggest customer is Guys and St Thomas. We interact with half a million people every month. It’s essentially half a million opportunities for us to give them access to entertainment and resources. Is there a message or question that we can share with those people? Can we encourage them to take the friends and family test?” 

SPARK® TSL can provide this access to patients, but we need to work with the right person in the Trust. Not just to implement a feature, but to monitor and see what results are produced as a product of this collaboration.  

Trusts may think that the bulk of the work is producing content for patients, but what they seem to neglect is accessibility. “We signpost all those people from our splash screen. It’s all well and good using BT for internet but where are the resources and videos etc. How will the patient/visitor know about them without proper signposting? They won’t, and that isn’t an option with solutions from bit carriers” James Morriss - SPARK® TSL MD 


Part of the reason for bringing together various Trust representatives is to foster open communication and discussion. James prompted this by highlighting the importance of listening to customer feedback.  

We have the ability to develop innovative products and services that are specifically designed to alleviate the difficulties faced by the NHS and enhance the overall patient experience. However, in order to truly optimise our offerings, we rely on the valuable input and feedback from Trusts to fine-tune our solutions and address their unique challenges. 

The acquisition of Hospedia was brought up during the discussions. Some patients, especially older individuals, findYork Demo montage-480p-231121 the Bedside Units more appealing because they are accustomed to them and may not have their own devices to access SPARK® Media. 

An attendee from York and Scarborough NHS Foundation Trust asked, “Can we install the current Bedside Units in elderly wards where they aren’t as familiar with mobile phones or don’t have their own?” 

James responded, stating that, “you’d be surprised how often we re-install the old units into wards for this exact reason. We have 150 pallets of previously decommissioned units from all generations that have been prepared and are ready to go. We’ve got a lot of Dementia wards providing free TV that can be on all day. It’s invaluable to people.”  

More people are aware of the limitations and price of the legacy Hospedia Bedside Units, rather than their capabilities.  

Some Trusts were unaware of the available features of Hospedia Bedside Units, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Surveys 
  • Friends and Family Test 
  • Signposting 
  • Uploading hospital induction videos 
  • Useful imagery (food menu, bed exercises, hospital map) 
  • Dementia Orientation Screen. 

Learn more about the Bedside Units (previously Hospedia), the acquisition and SPARK® TSLs vision for the future.  

Learn More: Bedside Units

The key take away from this interactive discussion is that SPARK® TSL recognises the importance of establishing strong connections with the appropriate individuals within Trusts. This approach aims unlock the potential of their existing products and services, as well as realise the features of what is already at their disposal. 

“We can provide all those different touch points, but we could have a much bigger impact if we’re able to engage with more people within the Trusts. Engagement is really why you’re here today.” James Morriss - SPARK® TSL MD 

SPARK® TSL could have an even bigger impact if Trusts installed SPARK® Horizon. We know that free TV is invaluable to patients. Imagine the benefits if patients could also have access to a library of games, Netflix, their medical history, support finding further care when discharged, video calling. The list is truly endless. The old Bedside Units still have some useful functionality, but it pales in comparison to Horizon. 

Interacting with Horizon and SPARK® Media Mandy with Man and Horizon

Our SPARK® Horizon Units and tablets displaying SPARK® Media were set up and ready for attendees to interact with. The SPARK® TSL Team were on hand to walk Trust Attendees through the functionality of SPARK® Horizon and answer any questions. The focus was on the kind of apps that could be put on Horizon and the benefits they could bring to both patients and staff. This includes tangible ROI savings for the Trust.  

The event was filled with a warm and friendly atmosphere, creating the perfect environment for engaging conversations between the nine Trusts and SPARK® TSL. Attendees enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch, and throughout the day, they had access to unlimited tea and coffee. 



“Brilliant event - looking forward to helping you get the decision makers around the table.” Pat Chambers, Charity, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust 

“Very interesting and informative.” Lesley Noble, Charity, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

“I learnt that we already have more spark availability than we thought!” Robin Pitts, IT, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation trust.


The Positive Impact of SPARK® TSL 

The charity realised how much the SPARK® TSL platform could increase donations and website visitors. 

An attendee asked “Have you got any evidence of encouraging people to donate to charity by signposting on SPARK Media?” 

James and Rebecca responded “There was a massive increase at Royal Free as soon as we started advertising the charity on SPARK Media.” 

“Between September and December 2022, they had 4000 monthly email subscribers the website had 17,000 more sessions on their website.” 

The representatives from the nine NHS Trusts that attended truly got a better understanding of what could be made possible with SPARK® TSL.  



The demonstration day in York was a resounding success. James Morriss, the Managing Director, emphasised the positive impact that SPARK® TSL can have on the patient experience and the importance of proper signposting within NHS Trusts. The event provided an opportunity for open communication and discussion, allowing Trust representatives to provide valuable feedback and insights. The interaction with SPARK® Horizon and SPARK® Media showcased the functionality and benefits of these products for both patients and staff. We showcased the potential of SPARK® TSL's solutions and our commitment to improving healthcare experiences. 

Want a demo day for your Trust? Get in touch today. 

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