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Introducing James Morriss, Our Director of Business Development

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As an expanding business, WiFi SPARK needed someone to work closely with CEO Matt O’Donovan, as we look to bring positive change to the company and ultimately create significant value and opportunity for the NHS.

With James’ extensive history working in the technology and healthcare industry, he’s in a strong position to help the company achieve its goals.

Here, we explore James' career so far and how he plans to improve NHS processes during his time with WiFi SPARK.

Background and Personal Life
Predictions for Healthcare and its Current Problems
The Vision to Fix it


Background and Personal Life


The Beginning

James discovered his passion for business at university, inspired by his mother’s small business. He then joined a company that provided powerful technology software for the NHS in 2004, where his interest in working with the NHS stems. After that, every company he worked for was involved in providing some form of service for the NHS.


A Moment of Change

An eye-opener for James was a personal accident that led him through the full patient experience. He discovered that the height of care came when a patient is first admitted and treated but dramatically deteriorates during the recovery and support period, the latter of which can last someone’s whole life. His experience changed his view on the ways the NHS can be improved.

"It gave me a real new perspective on things. I realised over that period of my life that I really wanted to dedicate my career to working more closely with the NHS and doing right by them.”


Climbing the Ranks

He then worked for a clinical systems provider and, two years later, worked for a company that improved correspondence and dictating. James thrived in building and managing a team, taking six people to 60 people in three years. However, working away in London was no longer possible due to family commitments. James decided to join another company that specialised in referral management and clinical correspondence, where building a team and pursuing market share was the focus for the next seven years.


Discovering WiFi SPARK

When considering his next career step, James wanted to work for a company that would create positive change for the NHS, that was constantly evolving and had space for innovation.

“I can see it [NHS] struggling at the minute, and I want to work somewhere that can help solve some of these problems.” 

That’s when he landed on WiFi SPARK.

“My experience is quite broad. I've worked for clinical system providers and a broad range of technology suppliers. I've been involved with technical staff, clinical staff, operational staff in the NHS and I’ve managed teams.”


Predictions for Healthcare and Its Current Problems

James understands the need for a more effective NHS system after the high levels of demand during the pandemic and his healthcare predictions include trends within the NHS.

“The NHS urgently needs solutions to address demand. That means solutions to streamline care, support hospital discharge and avoid admissions in the first place. 

“The first trend we will see in the NHS is new partnerships between health tech providers and the development of new routes to put their solutions into the hands of clinicians.”

He highlights his key understanding of the needs of the NHS and proves that we have the answer to take them into the future.

“Why do we need partnerships? Because no single entity has all the answers to the challenges the NHS faces. Why do we need new thinking on delivery? Because we know the NHS lacks the resources to deploy all the technology it needs from scratch and needs to make better use of its existing infrastructure.

“It’s been 20 years since the NHS launched the national programme for IT — to give clinicians a complete picture of a patient’s care — and ten years since patients were promised ‘no decision about me without me.'

“Wouldn’t it be great if 2023 was the year we finally started to deliver on the promise of those IT strategies and address some of the big challenges the NHS is facing right now?”


The Vision to Fix it

James is one of our application ambassadors and reaches out to health app companies that present how they can save the NHS time and money whilst improving patient experience. Our solution will unite the apps onto modern devices and spread them from Trust to Trust.

James’s 2023 plans for WiFi SPARK include:

“Forming partnerships with developers with great solutions — from meal ordering apps to personal health records. We aim to offer trusts a catalogue of time and cost-saving apps that can be accessed via our WiFi infrastructure and bedside units. We want to put information into the hands of patients to support discharge and recovery.”

WiFi SPARK has the potential to make a positive difference in someone's life through their healthcare journey, so we’re all about focusing on what will make an impact. People like James help to drive this vision forward and make our potential a reality.

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