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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Impact of Technology in Healthcare

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Technology is impacting and improving every aspect of healthcare. From the cutting-edge ways that issues are diagnosed to state-of-the-art procedures that are carried out in hospitals all over the world, technological solutions have saved countless lives.


It isn’t just the actual healthcare that technology is improving, it’s also influencing overall patient satisfaction through advanced entertainment systems and intuitive engagement platforms. As well as this, technology is improving staff efficiencies through clinical integration of services.


How Technology is Improving the Patient Experience

A study found that 70% of patients don’t have enough to do when they’re in hospital. Bored patients are more likely to be unhappy and distract hospital staff with ad-hoc tasks. Advancements in technology have resulted in better entertainment systems that keep patients happy and allow staff to be productive. 


We’ve created an infographic that outlines how digital healthcare has evolved over the years and how today’s hospitals can benefit from investing in state-of-the-art systems


Healthcare Infographic



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Our solutions will save Trusts money, boost patient satisfaction and allow busy ward staff to focus on their work. SPARK® Media, for example, alleviates patient boredom and the isolation that they can sometimes feel from the outside world. They can use their own devices to access all kinds of entertainment.  


Trusts benefit from significant savings, particularly when it comes to wasted meals. The effective system is far better for tracking food requests and ensuring every patient receives the right meal. Less food and money are wasted as a result. 


The full engagement platform can also be utilised to carry out meal orders, ad-hoc requests and patient surveys. To see the full range of benefits of patient entertainment systems, feel free to download our healthcare pack below. 


Download our Healthcare Pack

If you’re interested in the new patient entertainment systems mentioned in the infographic, then download our free pack today. It’s filled with useful information about the SPARK® Media Platform and recent case studies from other Trusts that have benefited from implementing the solution.


Get your copy now using the link below. 


Healthcare Pack

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