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WiFi SPARK's Charity of the Year 2022 - St Petrock's

3 minute read | 28/01/2022

WiFi SPARK's Charity of the Year 2022 - St Petrock's

Each year WiFi SPARK selects a charity to raise money for across the year, with previous years seeing us fundraise for Pozega Dogs and Alzheimer’s Society.  This year we have turned our sights more local to aid the incredible Exeter-based charity, St Petrock’s 

As Exeter’s leading charity for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed, St Petrock’s have been active for over 25 years providing a range of support, housing and prevention services to help fill the gaps in services available to individuals in need.  

Originating as a community project in humanitarian response to aid Exeter’s rough sleepers, the charity officially began working in December of 1994. The Central Parish of Exeter gave the charity permission to operate out of two thirds of St Petrock’s church on Exeter’s high street.  

Over 600 people face homelessness every year in Exeter and the surrounding areas and St Petrock's has been the first point of contact for those affected. The charity is unique in the city for offering its own accommodation routes in addition to basic survival services, advice and support all under one roof.  

In 2017/18, 463 individuals accessed St Petrock’s drop-in services and 243 were supported into accommodation - we’re thrilled to be able to work over the next year to support these people in our community.  

After a prolonged period of remote working, the WiFi SPARK team engaged in 2021’s fundraising activities enthusiastically but we do face a unique challenge to keep the project lively and interesting. We hope that this year we’ll be able to engage in more face-to-face events and have a return to the office that sees bake sales and opportunities to do some hands-on volunteering with the charity.  

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and our blog to see our latest fundraising efforts and updates and if you’d like to contribute to our pot, please feel free to donate via the link below.  

Donate to St Petrock's


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