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The Best Patient Engagement Platform Set to Revolutionise the NHS

Learn about the benefits of Dutch technology proven in the Netherlands.

6 minute read | 23/05/2024

The Best Patient Engagement Platform Set to Revolutionise the NHS

A United and Collaborative Solution With SPARK Fusion

SPARK Fusion is an app which is brought to the patient’s bedside through a managed tablet solution on an iPad. This user-friendly solution allows patients to access personalised care details, virtually connect with providers and family, enjoy entertainment options, and view their medical records - streamlining the hospital experience while empowering engagement in their health journey.

SPARK Fusion is brought to the UK by Sentean, a Dutch company specialising in innovative, clinically integrated, patient entertainment and engagement solutions. SPARK TSL acquired Sentean in spring 2024. This company is the market leader in the Netherlands for Patient Engagement Solutions and is therefore, an established and committed supplier to Dutch Hospitals. The company was previously Patientline & Philips, CareServant, which has grown and evolved into Sentean and Fusion. Sentean transformed their approach from a consumer-focused business model to one that delivers value-driven hospital services at no cost to patients, while providing tangible benefits to healthcare facilities - catalysing positive change from within NHS Trusts.

Learn More About The Acquisition

By introducing SPARK Fusion to the UK, we will revolutionise hospitals and bring about benefits such as increase staff efficiency, save costs and improve the patient experience.

Read more to learn about how your Trust can benefit from SPARK Fusion.


Four NHS Challenges that SPARK Fusion can Solve

Inform and Empower Patients

SPARK Fusion will bring care information to the bedside by providing applications and links to resources that outline their treatment & discharge plan. Patients will then be empowered to educate themselves and take more control in their healthcare journey. Everyone will have access to the same resources and entertainment, even if they don’t have their own device, therefore, bridging the digital inequality between generations.

Integrate Existing Healthcare Systems

Trusts can improve staff efficiencies and save valuable time by using SPARK Fusion to integrate with existing systems such as meal ordering, Smart Nurse Call, room control and access to electronic health records. This is all possible due to HL7 integration. Furthermore, information such as mealtimes and visiting hours can be displayed on the iPad. All the above frees up staff and allows them to spend more time with patients who need medical attention and provide a higher level of care.

Staff using iPad with Patient

Provide Extensive Entertainment Options

SPARK Fusion offers a plethora of entertainment options that can be tailored to each ward. From live and catch-up TV, streaming services, radio, video calling, internet, colouring and games. Using an iPad opens the Trust up to make any app they choose from the App Store, available to the patient. Patients will be distracted and entertained which is proven to help speed up recovery times and make them more comfortable while in hospital.

Engage Patients with Healthcare Professionals

SPARK Fusion doesn’t just provide entertainment, information resources and integration. It can also host surveys, patient and staff chat, video calling and admin access for customisation. The Trust can get feedback from patients, customise the platform and have a more direct communication line which will speed up care.


The Success of Patient Engagement Platforms in the Netherlands

The benefits listed above aren’t fictitious or theoretical. They are proven. Before the acquisition, Sentean reported that they had 9,600 Apple iPads running that serve 950,000 patients annually which complete 46,000 feedback forms, and have a total of 65,000 app sessions daily.

Here is just a selection of their customers in the Netherlands:

Sentean Customers

Learn how SPARK Fusion Works in Jeroen Bosch Hospital


Customising SPARK Fusion for Unique Healthcare Environments

Sentean's team has always prided itself on closely collaborating with customers to develop new features that tailor their product to meet each client's unique needs. This commitment to customisation is a shared value with SPARK TSL. Now that the two companies have joined forces under SPARK TSL, this focus on adapting solutions for individual requirements will continue. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work, so flexible customisation remains a core priority.

SPARK Fusion was built with customisability in mind. An example of this is at UMCU Utrech, a University Hospital in the Netherlands. They have iPads at the bedside which display three different profiles depending on the patient. One general profile, one for children and one for convicts. That specific hospital is near a prison, so it takes in convicts when they need medical care. Sentean worked with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to build a version of Fusion that restricts the internet and block certain communication features; so that it’s safe to use for that profile of patient.

It just goes to show the adaptability of the product and what our development team are capable of.


Technology Beyond the Buzzer, How Smart Nurse Call Improves Efficiency

Given the constant high workload on NHS staff, any new technology must seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems to avoid additional training burdens. By aligning with current processes and enhancing workflow efficiency, these solutions can help reduce pressures on the NHS workforce.Requests Screen at UMC Utrecht

Currently, patients have a physical call button that they can press when they need assistance. This sends an alert/call notification to the nurses' station. There is typically a display board or lights that indicate which room/bed the call came from. This allows staff to see the call request and respond accordingly. This system provides very limited information. The staff don’t know the nature or urgency of the request until they physically go to the patient's room.

SPARK Fusion brings Smart Nurse Call into the modern day. By integrating with the existing Nurse Call system, patients will be able to specify their request. Sentean has already achieved this in the Netherlands by integrating with Alertive and IQ Messenger. Instead of a basic call button, patients access a requests menu to specify their exact need - whether it's requesting water, bathroom assistance, or medical attention. The nurses' station then receives the detailed request highlighted with the patient's bed location. This allows triaging the request to the appropriate staff member directly, eliminating back-and-forth trips to the bedside for clarification. It streamlines responsiveness while enabling clinical staff to focus on medical duties while volunteers and the ward housekeeper can do the more routine tasks, like water delivery.


The Power of Integration in Hospitals

The smart Nurse Call integration is one of many that SPARK Fusion already has in its arsenal. Here is a list of current integrations which is constantly expanding.

Fusion Integrations

The benefit of all these integrations is that SPARK Fusion can complement existing services and systems that are already in use, rather than introducing something new and foreign. We’re not limited by the integrations above. Going back to customisation, we can develop new integrations and work more closely with customers to make it work the way they need it to.


The Future of Patient Engagement is Here

SPARK Fusion isn't just a new technology; it's a revolution in patient care. By learning from the success of Dutch hospitals, we're bringing a solution proven to empower patients, improve communication and streamline workflows for NHS staff.

Contact us today to learn how SPARK Fusion can benefit your NHS Trust.

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