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The Latest Updates for SPARK® Media 3.2.0

4 minute read | 16/12/2021

The Latest Updates for SPARK® Media 3.2.0

The WiFi SPARK Development team is always working behind the scenes to advance the offering of our patient engagement platform SPARK® Media. 

We believe that patient engagement platforms should cover all areas of integrated care, engagement, and entertainment services. With each new update and with continuous conversation between the WiFi SPARK team, healthcare professionals, and by responding to user feedback, we step ever closer to achieving that goal. 

With the release of the updates planned for this month, here’s what our customers can expect to see coming to a screen near them.  

He's behind you!

The great British festive season wouldn’t quite be the same without pantomimes and to make sure patients don’t miss out, we’ll be streaming a free pantomime to all SPARK® Media sites during the Christmas period.  

Available on the platform, not taking users off to a new page, the pantomime will be streamed at the push of a button on any internet-enabled device. A hilarious way to pass the time for all ages, don’t miss your favourite celebrities donning their wigs and ring skirts.  

Running alongside the delivery of pantomimes is WiFi SPARK’s festive initiative to bring free TV to those in hospital over Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  

Even more on-demand action

Having to go into hospital, whether planned or unplanned, throws us off our routine. Being able to maintain a semblance of normality by continuing with the box set we’ve been streaming or making sure we don’t miss the football updates can make the time away from home a little easier. That’s why we’ve expanded our catch-up and on-demand applications available to users on SPARK® Media. Some of the new services include BBC Sport, EuroSport, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.   

Whilst users will need their own accounts to access the paid services, the availability of these applications puts all entertainment services at their fingertips.  

Even more magazines than ever before 

To reduce the spread of infection, magazines have all but disappeared from waiting rooms. We’ve expanded our digitised magazine library to ensure that whilst the physical copies have gone, patients can browse a myriad of titles at their leisure whilst waiting to be seen. 

The updated platform allows users to scroll through a variety of genres, skip to specific pages and zoom in and out for a closer look at the content. All at no cost to them.  

Entertainment services such as these enrich the downtime spent by patients in healthcare facilities, by understanding patient perspective and making improvements from that knowledge, we can improve the patient experience together. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the WiFi SPARK team.  

If you’d like to explore all of our new features, why not check out our download below. 

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