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New Head of Healthcare at WiFi SPARK

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Ian Spark (1)WiFi SPARK is delighted to announce that Ian Spark will be joining the team as its Head of Healthcare.

As Head of Healthcare, Ian will manage relationships across WiFi SPARK’s client base of NHS Trusts and Boards. Ian will be promoting the SPARK® Platform and driving the company’s new patient entertainment system, SPARK® Media and associated products throughout the Healthcare industry.


Ian joins WiFi SPARK from Virgin Media where he was instrumental in developing the organisation’s business connectivity solutions portfolio. His time working with senior level decision makers and broad communications experience standing him in good stead for this new challenge.


Working at C-Level, Ian worked closely with clients to ensure their development strategy aligned with ICT business transformation programmes. Ian’s in-depth knowledge of WiFi network sales for corporate, hospitality and large public-facing environments, such as airports, delivering end-to-end bespoke design and service management makes his background ideal for WiFi SPARK.


Dean Moody, Chief Commercial Officer at WiFi SPARK, said: “WiFi SPARK has a number of pioneering products on the market, such as the SPARK® Platform and the newly launched SPARK® Media patient entertainment solution. Evolving consumer expectations in the Healthcare sector means that businesses today must deliver an optimised digital experience. Seamless WiFi connectivity is essential for this, by enabling users to get online, keep in touch with friends and family and to access the latest entertainment streaming services and we are thrilled that Ian is taking the lead on delivering these initiatives to customers.”


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