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How WiFi Location Analytics Can Boost Customer Engagement and Revenue in Retail

4 minute read

How WiFi Location Analytics Can Boost Customer Engagement and Revenue in Retail

Forty-five percent of retail companies are currently using WiFi location analysis. This gives businesses the opportunity to track their customers’ behaviour and can bolster a brand’s customer engagement levels to increase revenue indefinitely. This tactic is most effective in the retail industry where customer experience is massively influential. 

But, how can simply observing your potential customers in-store behaviour help bolster sales and increase revenue? This post will outline and discuss everything you need to know.

We’ll cover how it can:



Optimise Your Store


Use your location analytics to measure how long customers are spending in your store during each visit. As well as the total duration of stay, you should also be able to see which areas of your store customers are spending the most/least time too.

By having access to this, you’ll have actionable data that shows how long customers are spending in your store before they make a purchase or leaving without buying an item. This is a good indication of how well your store layout is doing and you can make a judgement to either leave it as it is or alter it according to your findings.

Once you know which the areas receive the most traffic, you can make adjustments to your store layout and where you place your most popular products. By placing your most popular items in the areas that receive the most traffic, the chances are that you’re going to improve sales and entice more people into buying these items.

You should also take note of the route that customers take upon entering your store. Too much dwell time could hint that customers are loitering too much. This could indicate that they have to spend too much time looking at a display or advert to get the gist of it.


Therefore, it’ll need addressing and amending to suit. Customers will disengage if they can’t pick up the key message almost instantly when reading an advert so keep it short, concise and eye-catching.


Improve Customer Experience


Improving customer experience is key to boosting both customer engagement and revenue. Think of when you’re shopping online. The personalised service makes for such a better experience. For example, the website remembers previous orders and can suggest similar products that they think shoppers will be interested in.

This level of experience can be transferred into your brick and mortar stores too. Analysing the most popular products and pairing them up with similar products is a way of personalising a service. For example, you could pair up an outfit that all goes together in stores by placing the items around each other.

Generally, the more time and better experience that the customer has in your store, the more likely that they are to buy something. So, it’s important that you keep them interested and engaged enough to make sure their experience is like no other. Items should be easy to find, staff should be easily approachable and real-time updates should be often but not bombarding.


Assess Overall Performance


You can use your location analytics to assess the overall performance of your whole retail space. The main way to see how your space is performing is obviously looking at sales figures and profit levels.


However, a more detailed insight would be to look at the level of complaints you’re receiving on average from shoppers. Don’t just look at the negative ones either - positive comments are just as useful when working out performance rate.

By asking for customer feedback, either in a survey form at the till after they’ve paid or a pop-up on their smartphones after they’ve left the store, shows the customer that you actually care about their experience.


You can analyse the results that you gather from this feedback and pinpoint the areas that need the most work. You can then make smarter business decisions that will allow improvements or carry on excelling in the areas that customers are most engaged in your business.  


This allows you to continuously strive towards creating a happy shopping environment, which will hopefully encourage shoppers to return and continue spending. They might even be enticed to spend more.


Data sets like these can be fed into one Analytics platform, for a central reporting and data source.


Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Revenue with WiFi SPARK


WiFi is expected in retail areas by modern shoppers as a given. But, not only can it be used to benefit your customers, retailers can also reap the rewards of investing in a top-quality platform too. With the aid of WiFi, businesses like yours can make smarter, more informed decisions that will help shape your business to become more efficient and effective.

WiFi SPARK provides analytics tools like no other supplier. Whether it’s helping retain loyal customers, boosting customer engagement and ultimately increasing revenue, we’ve got it covered.


To see the full range of what we can offer and how WiFi can improve your customer engagement, download our free guide below.

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