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Hospital WiFi: What you didn’t know it could do

5 minute read | 22/06/2023

Hospital WiFi: What you didn’t know it could do

NHS Digital has confirmed that all NHS Trusts can access free hospital WiFi. However, many users are unaware that WiFi SPARK offers more than just a basic internet connection. With an advanced security system and an engaging entertainment platform, it's a valuable tool for both patients and staff.

Keep reading to learn more.


NHS WiFi, SPARK® Connect

Since Kings College Hospital became the first WiFi SPARK customer in 2005, our WiFi service has continuously expanded. Currently, 86 trusts have access to our updated WiFi service, which offers banner advertisements and helpful information on the login page and provides a fully managed service that includes 24/7/365 support and design configuration. This creates more exposure for the Trust and can be used to signpost patients. 

However, what if logging into free WiFi could lead to something more beneficial than just a ‘thank you for connecting’ message? This is where SPARK® Media comes into play, redirecting users to a more engaging and valuable experience. 


Hospital entertainment and Engagement Systems 

SPARK® Media: Lite

In 2018, we realised the need for entertainment and engagement within NHS hospitals and A&Es. Most people have a smart device but might not know where to find information about the hospital or where to turn for entertainment, aside from the paid-for Hospedia units beside the bed. That’s when we developed SPARK® Media — an initial rival to the Hospedia Bedside Units. 

This entertainment and engagement platform has a lite version and a full version available. It’s the redirection page the user will land on after signing into the WiFi. It provides easy access to hospital resources such as their webpage and links to charity. There are also links for on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITVX and dementia support through BBC Reminiscence. 

SPARK® Media makes resources more accessible to everyone. All they need to do is sign into the free WiFi.  

In 2020, we made SPARK® Media Lite free for every hospital with SPARK® Connect. This made resources more accessible and helped boost exposure and charity donations for the Trusts. It was the least we could do during the pandemic to try and relieve some of the pressure. 


SPARK® Media

Although the lite version of SPARK® Media is a great start, it only scratches the surface of what the full platform can offer. As the name suggests, the Lite version has limited links and features, with no live TV or radio and only a handful of games available. However, every NHS Hospital with SPARK® Connect has access to the lite version and can upgrade to the full version to provide more free options and entertainment for patients and visitors. Find out more about the full version and its benefits. 

SPARK® Media includes

  • Game library of 25 puzzle games. 3.0 upgrade will bring more games. 
  • Over 100 digital magazines and newspapers
  • Unlimited number of resource links
  • Video calling through Visionable
  • Live TV
  • Live Radio


Providing patients with more entertainment options is crucial, especially for those who have to endure long waiting periods or are confined to their hospital beds. By offering a variety of choices, patients are less likely to become bored or restless, resulting in happier patients. 

Additionally, the platform's ability to add more links can also be utilised to provide more resources, ultimately leading to better-informed patients who can make better decisions. 

Upgrading to the full SPARK® Media solution brings many benefits that can contribute to the digital transformation of hospitals, allowing technology to improve the experiences of patients, visitors and staff. 


How to Upgrade

You can explore the option to upgrade your WiFi Package to include SPARK® Media. Start by downloading the brochure and reading our SPARK® Media webpage. The upgrade journey will take eight simple steps.  

  1. Speak to your account manager 
  2. The account manager will send over a detailed proposal 
  3. The quote is raised and accepted 
  4. Tech specs begin 
  5. Project team liaise 
  6. Development delivery 
  7. Service delivery handover  
  8. 24/7 support.  

If you're interested in upgrading to the full SPARK® Media solution, we'd love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help elevate your hospital's digital experience.

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