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The platform for digital transformation in healthcare

The answer to improving patient experience is here. 

SPARK® Media Bedside Units (BSU) is the latest state-of-the-art Bedside Unit that replaces legacy Hospedia units. It resembles a large tablet with a contemporary touch screen and high-quality imaging.



Enhance the patient experience and staff efficiencies with a flexible and scalable solution that’s always up to date.

SPARK® Media Bedside Unit (BSU) is designed to make the most of your existing infrastructure to save on installation costs and minimise hospital disruption.

Hospedia Bedside Units were a staple in hospitals when first introduced over two decades ago, and we're installed in 120 Trusts across the UK. But, over time, patient needs and expectations have experienced vast change. We need your help to make patient engagement and entertainment free to access for everybody.

Our SPARK® Media platform can be applied our state-of-the-art to Bedside Units. These units can be mounted on wheeled trollies or workstations, making them versatile and adaptable to any ward. 

Whether replacing the outdated Hospedia Units or introducing a brand-new entertainment and engagement system, SPARK® Media BSU is the perfect solution for modern healthcare facilities.


Trusts across the UK originally installed Hospedia units, we need your help to bring these up to date.

What can SPARK® Media BSU do for your Trust?


Bridge digital inequality

SPARK® Media is available on tablets and wall mounted Bedside Units. Patients with their own device, and patients with no device, can both access our engagement platform. SPARK® Media houses web links and apps that are easily accessible. SPARK® Media Bedside Units (BSU) takes it a step further with the ability to  tailor resources to ward level. Elderly wards can have a reduced number of apps to make the experience less daunting.  Patients can access links to BBC archives to relive fond memories, as well as catch-up TV, and specific clinical/educational applications for their needs.


Improve staff efficiencies

Rather than spending time with each patient to communicate simple information such as meal times and visiting hours, staff can use SPARK® Media Bedside Units (BSU) to relay important information. Other features include a ‘request’ application, where patients can request items to make them more comfortable. That request is sent directly to the nurses' station or equivalent so staff can recognise and validate the request immediately. This allows them to spend more time with patients who need medical attention and provide a higher level of care.


A plethora of entertainment options

Tailor entertainment to each ward. Trusts can start with the basics, like catch-up TV and streaming services. Then, live TV and radio can be integrated to show a wide range of channels and link up the hospital radio. Our SPARK® Media add-ons, such as digital newspapers and magazines, puzzle games and video calling can also be applied.


Provide specialist care information

There are many NHS resources online which can assist patients with their recovery. These can apply to specific wards where required. Specific clinical apps may also be included to showcase the relevant information to the right audience.

Trust engagement

With its ability to host surveys, display pop-up messages, and promote hospital services and campaigns, SPARK® Media Bedside Units (BSU) is built to complement each Trust and its hospitals by supporting existing services. Trusts can use Horizon to improve communication with patients and charities and create a more engaged and informed hospital community.


There's more benefits where that came from

Do you already have Hospedia Bedside Units in your hospital? Good news! SPARK® Media Bedside Unit (BSU) can utilise the existing arms and wall boxes and simply swap out the old screens for the new.

SPARK® Media BSU can also be installed from new or mounted to wheeled trollies. Our solution is adaptable to your requirements no matter what's already in place. 

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    Different needs require several sizes. We have units that come in 10”, 15” and 21”.

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    These easy to manoeuvre units are lightweight and user friendly.

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    You don't need to worry about a thing with our our remote and on-site support.

  • Provide a tailored experience thanks to our extensive customisation options.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are the units free to use for patients?

We have a simple answer for this one. Yes! 

What's different about these units to Hospedia units?

The three key differences are: 

  1. Everything is free to use for patients. 
  2. They aren’t 20 years old. Units won’t need to be repaired as frequently, they’re more user friendly, have modern touch screens and functionality. 
  3. They’re customisable down to ward level.  

You can choose what you’d like patients to have access to through our apps catalogue. With integrations options available for meal ordering and clinical use, SPARK® Media BSU is much more than a TV. 

Can I replace Hospedia units with these easily?

SPARK® Media BSU was designed with ease in mind. The backplate for the new units fit perfectly on the existing arms that currently hold the 20-year-old Hospedia Bedside Units. With this plug and play approach, SPARK® Media BSU can very easily swap out Hospedia with minimal disruption to wards. 

Why should Trusts consider replacing Hospedia with SPARK® Media BSU?

If Hospedia is already in your Trust, then you know that the concept of a bedside entertainment unit could be a brilliant tool for both patients and staff. Currently they run off an outdated patient pays model that everyone wants to be rid of (including us!) and have limited functionality. It’s more cost effective and less disruptive to replace the Hospedia screens with SPARK® Media BSU, than it is to entirely remove the existing Hospedia Bedside Units, arms and all.  

Please help us remove the patient pays model and vastly improve the patient experience along with providing ROI for your Trust.  

Why should Trusts consider installing SPARK® Media BSU as a patient entertainment & engagement solution?

If your Trust doesn’t have Hospedia, then you’ll notice a digital divide between the elderly who rely on staff and physical reading materials, and those who have their own device. SPARK® Media BSU bridges this digital inequality by providing everyone with access to free entertainment and hospital resources. Why is this important? If improving the patient experience isn’t reason enough, then just look at the ROI benefits this technology can bring to your staff and hospital 

I’m a patient/staff and need help with a Hospedia Bedside Unit. Where do I go?

We have a dedicated page with resources and support. Press the button below to read our FAQ’s or raise a support ticket with our team.  

Product support

How long does it take to install the units from new?

With power and data in place,  we can install 50 Bedside Units per week.  

It would take another 3 days to set up the core infrastructure. On top of this. 

Already a customer and have a question about the product?

Visit our product support page and we can help you further.

Product support     

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