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Ahead of the curve: SPARK TSL launches brand-new analytics platform that is streets ahead of the competition

3 minute read | 17/07/2017

Ahead of the curve: SPARK TSL launches brand-new analytics platform that is streets ahead of the competition

SPARK TSL’s Real-Time Analytics platform allows businesses to generate a deep insight to customer behaviour in order to enhance commercial opportunities.


SPARK TSL is pleased to announce the launch of its new Real-Time Analytics platform at the People Movement and Management show in Derby, with the brand-new proposition bringing serious competition to both the WiFi and analytics markets. 


With data integrity at the forefront and in line with GDPR, SPARK TSL’s new product offers businesses a range of analytics services in order to enhance Business Intelligence (BI) and increase commercial value. These include: SPARK® Standard Analytics, SPARK Advanced Analytics, SPARK Location Analytics and SPARK Custom Analytics.


The SPARK Standard Analytics package is included as part of all WiFi deployments, and allows businesses to create a full and complete customer profile which offers a variety of BI benefits. The platform enables businesses to see a more granular view of their customers’ WiFi connection, their location, , login type conversions, portal activity, marketing preferences, data transferred, device type and browser families with date range or real time selection.


By collecting and visualising this data, and depending on the authentication method, businesses are able to use a variety of reports, including: session data reports, revenue reports, subscriber reports and social media reports. This level of BI can, in turn, inform processes and define strategic goals to increase economic growth and improve operational efficiency, which is invaluable.


In addition to the standard reports, SPARK TSL also offers the industry-leading SPARK Advanced Analytics module, which is arguably streets ahead of its competitors’ proposition.

Rather than simply ‘collecting and displaying’ data, SPARK TSL's high-level platform capabilities include: data enrichment - which analyses socio-economic data, repeat versus unique user analysis that compares venues, the frequency of its users, age grouping analysis, visitor origin analysis and anonymised demographics.


The SPARK Location Analytics module allows businesses to decipher information based on a device’s presence and its journey throughout a venue. This module can capture the number of devices on-site and how this fluctuates over time. The platform also enables businesses to carry out valuable BI monitoring that includes tracking customer dwell time and assessing their loyalty through the number of return visits.


Within the SPARK Location Analytics Dashboard, businesses can view customer movement in real-time or within a time period of choice, and see the journeys that customers make throughout a venue, allowing them to identify popular locations, movement patterns and categorise journeys within a venue by type.


SPARK TSL can also provide businesses with the SPARK Custom Analytics module that can integrate many different data sources which can be delivered in accordance with a business’s bespoke needs. The service provides a better understanding of customer needs in order to improve their experience and increase revenue scope. The intelligent platform can incorporate several data functions, including: analysing footfall data, social media feeds, survey data, event data, environment data, sales data and any other available data source. 


Matt O’Donovan, CEO of SPARK TSL, said: “SPARK TSL offers a varied and comprehensive analytics service with the aim of enabling businesses to accurately analyse data that ultimately leads to more insightful decision making. A deep understanding of customer behaviour is incredibly valuable and can give businesses a competitive edge in the global market that can lead to increased business revenue. All of this can be achieved through non-invasive methods that provide robust and valuable insights, which can make a real difference to an organisation’s customer experience strategy.” 


SPARK TSL will be exhibiting SPARK Analytics, on stand OR6 at the People Movement and Management show, at the Roundhouse in Derby, on 19th July.

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