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The Inspiring Journey of SPARK TSL's CIO

Paving the path of quality and efficiency

4 minute read

The Inspiring Journey of SPARK TSL's CIO

Early Career and Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Pierre's journey began with a minimum wage Quality Control role at a call centre 24 years ago. Fuelled by James Cameron's advice on social mobility, he consistently strived for more.  His ambition led him to climb the corporate ladder, taking on new challenges and acquiring valuable skills with each job opportunity he came across. He has been a manager in several capacities including QA, Testing and Quality Assurance before becoming the head of QA and Governance in his past two roles before SPARK TSL. 

This drive also manifested in his entrepreneurial spirit. In the year 2000, he ventured into the world of start-ups with his brother. It’s the reason he moved from his home country in France to the UK. Their vision was a 3D virtual shopping experience built with Unreal Engine. While the timing didn't align perfectly with the dot-com boom, the experience shaped Pierre's future endeavours and he is happy with where he has landed today.


Joining SPARK TSL and Leading the Technology Charge 

Pierre's background in quality and governance caught the eye of Matt, CEO of SPARK TSL. Matt presented Pierre with the current problems facing the development team and asked if he could fix them. Pierre recognised that it would be a challenge, but with his leadership, achievable. The key? More resources. Matt promised Pierre that he would provide him with whatever he needs to get the job done.  

Pierre accepted the role of Software Development Manager in 2018 and transformed the existing SPARK Team. Matt was true to his word, supporting Pierre in growing the team from 8 to 20 within a year a half. They not only tackled the initial problems, but completely revolutionised delivery. For four years now, SPARK TSL has been delivering WiFi portals on time and with 0 defects as part of the SPARK Connect product. 

Pierre's influence wasn't limited to development success. His expertise naturally extended to other areas – infrastructure, data, and ultimately, all things technology related at SPARK TSL. This culminated in his well-deserved promotion to CIO in 2020. 

With Pierre's leadership, SPARK TSL is positioned for continued progress and high-quality delivery. 


Learning from the Volaris Family

The acquisition by Volaris brought valuable insights for Pierre. He appreciates their prioritisation methods, business acumen and community. Volaris’ investment in employee development through global learning opportunities has further enhanced Pierre's leadership capabilities. He has also learnt how to be even more efficient and reduce waste through Volaris best practices. Pierre-1



"I’ve always really appreciated efficient processes. I looked at what good looks like, what other, more intelligent people than me said, and adapted it to our situation."  

Pierre Ponsin, CIO, SPARK TSL 


A Family Man with a Passion for Exploration 

Outside of work, Pierre spends time with his wife and young daughter. While he doesn’t enjoy the actual travel of plane journeys and long drives, Pierre cherishes the discoveries and unexpected experiences that come with exploring new locations.  These adventures, like his first eye-opening trip to Denver, challenge his assumptions and keep life interesting. 

Pierre's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to embrace challenges. As SPARK TSL continues to grow, Pierre's leadership in the ever-evolving technology landscape will undoubtedly be a key driver of business success. 

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