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WiFi SPARK celebrates another stellar result from their ISO 9001 Quality Systems Audit

1 minute read | 27/02/2020

WiFi SPARK celebrates another stellar result from their ISO 9001 Quality Systems Audit

The team at WiFi SPARK is celebrating this week after another successful audit of their ISO 9001 qualification. An auditor from British Assessment Bureau spent two days in the business examining the WiFi SPARK business processes in great detail. The outcome was a clean bill of health yet again with no non-conformities.


Ian Lynch, Chief Operating Officer for WiFi SPARK reported: “Our business takes our compliance in industry and legal standards very seriously. All of our employees are aware of their responsibilities and were able to demonstrate WiFi SPARK’s commitment to delivering the highest international business standards to an extremely high level. The auditor was very impressed and said we were one of the best companies she had ever visited.”


ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems is an international set of standards that helps organisations ensure they meet customers and other stakeholder needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service. The system is focused on the meeting of customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction.


WiFi SPARK was first awarded the ISO 9001 qualification in 2016. It also holds the certification for ISO 27001 for Information Security Management which lays down rigorous standards for information security and applicants must prove they have robust systems and procedures in place to satisfy the requirements at all levels within the organisation.


Lynch concluded: “WiFi SPARK is a market leader in the provision of WiFi, Analytics and Entertainment. Having certifications like ISO 9001 demonstrates to our customers that our organisation is industry certified and holds the highest standards of dedication to delivering an expert and professional solution.”

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