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WiFi SPARK and Patients Know Best Join Forces to Enhance Patient-Centric Care

4 minute read | 27/07/2023

WiFi SPARK and Patients Know Best Join Forces to Enhance Patient-Centric Care

WiFi SPARK is delighted to announce partnership with Patients Know Best (PKB), a social enterprise and technology platform designed to help health and social care providers bring together patient data, along with the patient’s own data into a patient held, personal health record.

So, what does this partnership truly mean for staff and patients alike?

In this blog, we uncover how WiFi SPARK and Patients Know Best's collaboration is set to revolutionise the healthcare industry, to boost efficiencies and engagement within the NHS.



About Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best (PKB) is both a technological platform and a social enterprise aimed at facilitating the integration of patient data and personal data from health and social care providers.

By combining these sources, PKB creates a secure Personal Health Record (PHR) for each patient. Notably, PKB stands out as the pioneering service that seamlessly integrates with the NHS App, thereby enabling accessibility to a wider population throughout the UK.

Upon logging in, patients gain access to everything from appointment letters, test results, medical information, care plans and much more. You can record your medical information such as any allergies or medication you are taking which can be shared with carers and health professionals including pharmacist, so they can ensure you are prescribed correctly. 

In order to empower patients and encourage their proactive involvement in their health and wellbeing, specially tailored tools are available for monitoring and tracking their specific health conditions as well as providing interaction tools for patients and their professional to communicate more effectively.

PKB's technology has paved the way for combined care that is safer, efficient, and focused around the individual care needs of millions of citizens, and has over 3,000,000 registered users as of June 2023.


Where It Began 

The collaboration between WiFi SPARK and Patients Know Best commenced during a healthcare networking event in 2021, where representatives from both organisations had the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas about each of their offerings.

After a follow-up meeting, PKB were intrigued by WiFi SPARK's solution, which can integrate their patient controlled Personal Health Record platform onto the SPARK® Media entertainment and engagement platform - accessible in hundreds of hospitals in the UK over WiFi on a device of the user’s choice.

The combination deemed to be the perfect fit as WiFi SPARK actively seeks specialist Apps that can integrate with several devices including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Trust-owned tablets.

This integration promises to bring patients' health records to their fingertips, allowing them to access and manage their data conveniently while also facilitating communication with hospital staff.

PKB's app also assists with helping patients and staff track and monitor symptoms, where the information can be shared to carers and other health professionals, keeping everyone more informed about the care journey.

This is one step closer to working towards achieving WiFi SPARK's goal to improve the patient experience and boost overall efficiency between staff members.

PKB mock u p-1

Our Shared Vision

PKB and WiFi SPARK recognised the potential impact of combining their technologies to enhance patient care.

Across the free guest-access WiFi named SPARK® Connect, and Hospedia bedside units, WiFi SPARK can sign-post information to make patients aware of the services that PKB offer, and allow patients to access their records after a simple log in with either their NHS number or account details.

With a mutual goal of empowering patients to have more control over their health journey and fostering better communication between patients and healthcare providers, this serves as the foundation of their blossoming partnership.


"Patients Know Best's mission is to get as much data into the hands of patients as possible, to improve their experience of navigating healthcare pathways, and managing their conditions for the best possible outcomes. A key part of delivering this mission is to make as many people as possible aware of the tools and information that are available to them and work with partners to remove barriers to uptake and promote the benefits/encouraging registration to the platform. WiFi SPARK is a great enabler of this."
 Sally Rennison
Chief Commercial Officer, Patients Know Best


The Future

The future is looking bright for both PKB and WiFi SPARK. By combining patient-centric healthcare technology with robust WiFi connectivity, this partnership aims to enhance patient experience and engagement, improve care co-ordination, and optimise healthcare delivery.

By working together, both organisations will leverage their strengths to provide healthcare providers and patients with a comprehensive and seamless experience, and be one step closer towards transforming the digital landscape. 

This partnership opens possibilities for further innovation, to create even more advanced and connected healthcare solutions.


Integrate Your Healthcare App with SPARK® Media

WiFi SPARK is actively seeking partners to put their innovative healthcare applications in front of patients and staff, through the cutting-edge SPARK® Media entertainment and engagement platform.

This exciting opportunity allows providers to showcase their unique solutions and services directly to the people who need them most.

If you are a healthcare application developer looking to make a significant impact in the health industry and reach a wider audience, contact us today to learn more and be part of digital healthcare transformation.


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