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Top 10 Patient Experience Games and Apps

4 minute read | 22/06/2022

Top 10 Patient Experience Games and Apps

Patient experience games do more than entertain and distract the hospital population. Levelling up the standard hospital entertainment offering of TV, radio and films, patient experience games have long-lasting impacts beyond stifling boredom.

Patient experience games can improve mental agility, focus, concentration and memory, and even slow age-related illnesses such as dementia.

Here are the top games, puzzles and quizzes our SPARK Media customers enjoy.


1. Word Sleuth

According to the play statistics of King’s College Hospital, Word Sleuth is our second-most played game. Like the New York Times’ infamous Wordle, Word Sleuth is a word-based game where players find hidden words horizontally, diagonally or vertically. The directional game asks us to refine our reading habits while expanding our vocabulary.

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2. Triple Play Mini Puzzle

You get more bang for your buck with Triple Play Mini Puzzles — though not literally, as all of our patient experience games and apps are free for patient use. 

As its name suggests, you play a trio of puzzles, including the well-loved crossword puzzle and a slightly more complex dynamic double cross. 

If you can keep up with the constant challenges put your way, this triple puzzle is a great way to pass the time and increase patient engagement.



3. Challenger

The challenger promises to be exactly that. Players must organise numbers so all the rows align to equal the same equation, all within a time limit.

If you can keep cool under pressure, the challenger is for you. It can add excitement to long waits and periods on your own, making it the perfect company for extended stays.


4. Classic Sudoku 

By far, classic Sudoku is our most-played game, loved for its simple concept and stimulating play. As we all know, Sudoku is a logic game which has inspired a worldwide craze thanks to its addictive feel and sense of accomplishment.

The best thing about it? There’s no such thing as too much Sudoku. Research states it helps clear our mind, exercise the brain and improve problem-solving skills — all valuable in patient experience.


5. Super Quiz

Super Quiz is an enjoyable Q&A game replicating the familiar pub quiz format. It can be played alone or as a group during visitation hours.  It keeps players abreast of worldwide news and challenges us to refresh and recall our general knowledge.

Super Quiz is the perfect play if you want variety and a fast-paced format in an online game.


6. Hocus-Focus

A play on the quintessential puzzle spot-the-difference, Hocus-Focus presents players with two strikingly similar images and asks them to find the differences. It takes a keen eye and concentration to spot the subtle signs, but this can be a great game for pick-up, put-down gaming where the puzzle is solved in several sittings. 

Simple but entertaining, this game is a real crowd-pleaser, entertaining any age.


7. Battleships

Our third-most popular game is Battleships, a traditional board game well-known for its strategic gameplay and competitive nature. Modelled for single players, patients can enjoy the benefits of this popular pastime without the need for an opponent.

Battleships hones a player’s logic and reasoning skills, sharpening the mind and asking them to think several steps ahead.


8. Mini Sudoku

Sudoku is so well-loved that it features twice on this list. This time, as Mini Sudoku — a more digestible version of the classic numbers game. 

In this version, a 6x6 puzzle is less confronting for players, making the game quicker and far less demanding.

Its bite-sized formula makes it great for young players and those who want to creep into gameplay without feeling daunted.


9. Crossword & Cryptoquip

More than a traditional crossword puzzle, players of Crossword & Cryptoquip discover words to uncover a pun that changes daily. This is the game keeps on giving, allowing its fans to find new secrets each morning as it resets.

Along with Sudoku and Battleships, this is a classic game that many patients feel comfortable playing and picking up at their bedside.


10. Calcudoku 

Are you a fan of numbers, not words? Calcudoku has you covered. This maths-focused puzzle involves addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to cover all bases and get the cogs turning.

It’s the last patient experience game on our list, but it’s by no means the least. Indeed, every puzzle we’ve highlighted is worth having a go at to enrich the patient experience, offering you something extra than the latest binge-worthy show or all-the-rage radio station.


Explore our engaging games offering 

Explore our games offering as part of our SPARK® Media package, carefully handpicked to provide stimulating entertainment for all ages. Words and number puzzles galore, these patient experience games and apps appeal to everyone.

Discover a library of games that UK patients already benefit from and consider whether your hospital population should follow suit.

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