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Leading Tech Company WiFi SPARK Invests in Scotland

3 minute read | 26/09/2019

Leading Tech Company WiFi SPARK Invests in Scotland

Irvine, Scotland, 20th September 2019- WiFi SPARK, a leading provider of Enterprise WiFi and technology solutions, today officially opened new offices in Irvine, Scotland. The company is responsible for getting millions of members of the public online via WiFi and has an impressive roster of customers including NHS hospitals, shopping centres, train operating companies and town and city centres. In Scotland, its customers include NHS Hospitals such as NHS Lothian, NHS Tayside and NHS Borders and Councils like Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Mid Lothian.


Pictured left to right:

Dean Moody, CCO WiFi SPARK, Joe Cullinane, Council Leader, Ian Lynch COO WiFi SPARK, Wendy McFarland, North Ayrshire Council, John McGuire North Ayrshire Council, Theresa Correia, Scottish Enterprise, Shona McAllister North Ayrshire Council, Margaret Forrester, Scotland Office Manager WiFi SPARK, Alex Gallagher, North Ayrshire Council, Gary Gray and Kelly McCandlish from Skills Development Scotland.


WiFi SPARK has recently welcomed the Helpdesk function into the organisation. The SPARK® Helpdesk, based in Annickbank Innovation Campus, Irvine, employs a talented group of technical support professionals from the local area. Led by Margaret Forrester, Scotland Office Manager, the team delivers professional support services via telephone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“Our team is made up of  highly trained support staff who have excellent communication skills and technical knowledge,” said Forrester, “They give all customers the same high standard of service, whether they are dealing with very basic requests or highly complex projects and they work hard to ensure a positive outcome. We are all delighted to be part of the WiFi SPARK family.”


Matt O’Donovan, the founder and CEO of WiFi SPARK spent several years of his childhood at school in Kilmarnock. “I am very pleased to return to this part of Scotland and to be able to invest in the area, providing jobs and training. The team we have here is exceptionally talented  and we are delighted with the capabilities of the individuals and very optimistic about the opportunity to grow the business in the future.”


Representatives of  the board of WiFi SPARK,  Dean Moody CCO, and Ian Lynch COO were  in attendance at the official opening of the office, an event that was also attended by Councillor Joe Cullinane, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, members of the Business Development department in the North Ayrshire Council and members of Skills Development Scotland.


The Council is a key partner in Team North Ayrshire, a group of public and private sector partners that offer advice and support to new and existing businesses to help them realise their ambitions.


Team North Ayrshire worked with WiFi SPARK to help them find suitable businesses premises and help make the transition to new premises as smooth as possible.


Councillor Joe Cullinane, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, said: “This is a really positive development for North Ayrshire and we are delighted to welcome WiFi SPARK to the area.  It is very encouraging that they have recognised the potential of North Ayrshire and located another arm of their business here. It is also great that they are creating good jobs for local people.


“Our i3 site has fantastic facilities and we’re sure the WiFi SPARK team will enjoy working there. Hopefully, they will flourish and expand their operation in North Ayrshire  further down the line.


“Team North Ayrshire do a great job in supporting businesses and providing expertise which is invaluable. They will continue to support WiFi SPARK over the coming months.”



About WiFi SPARK


WiFi SPARK is the leading provider of guest-access WiFi in the UK. The company is the owner and developer of the unique SPARK® Platform which delivers the most flexible, feature-rich and scalable solution for guest-access WiFi on the market today.


WiFi SPARK specialises in WiFi in large venues such as hospitals, stadia, town and city centres and train stations. WiFi SPARK has recently launched SPARK® Media, a revolution in patient entertainment, delivering TV, radio, educational content and more directly to the patients’ device of their choice.


No other wireless network provider can offer the same adaptability, span of features, and ultimately, return on investment.

75% of patients want digital healthcare services

So let’s work together to give it to them, all while optimising NHS processes.

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