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How Can Apps Accelerate Healthcare? How We're Changing The Patient Experience Model

5 minute read | 13/12/2022

How Can Apps Accelerate Healthcare? How We're Changing The Patient Experience Model

At WiFi SPARK, we have plans to continue strengthening our value proposition and changing the patient experience model. We’re doing this by becoming a trusted healthcare application provider that facilitates better education, inclusive entertainment and new efficiencies.

In this blog, we explain why we’re turning our media package into various apps, how we’re working with app developers to make it happen and what this means for Trusts.

Why We're Turning Our Media Package Into Web-Based Apps

As technology continues to shape the future of healthcare, it’s crucial to make digital inclusivity a primary focus. That’s why we’ve decided to offer a new suite of applications suitable for patients, staff and visitors to enrich their hospital experience.

Initially, the solution was created to rival Hospedia’s bedside unit functionality. But this was before the acquisition. We've now merged with Hospedia to build new, state-of-the-art bedside units – SPARK® Horizon and to change the business model away from patient-pays.
We will offer web-based apps that are available on the Play/App store, as well as specialist applications developed for the healthcare industry.

Our suite of applications is constantly growing and can benefit Trusts, staff and their patients in several ways. Here’s how:


Better Education

Many of the applications are specifically developed for the healthcare industry and have been designed to educate patients. These educational applications are critical for helping providers inform and remind patients of the proper ways to self-manage care and avoid unnecessary readmissions. These could be health and care videos or other educational apps.

By reducing readmissions, Trusts can focus on overcoming the challenges associated with backlogs and delays, future NHS bed shortages and other rising pressures.


Inclusive Entertainment

During a stay in hospital, patients are isolated from their friends and family for long periods, without many distractions. Having inclusive entertainment opportunities is an effective way to distract them from issues and ultimately improve their time in care.

Patients will have access to all the latest entertainment applications, including recognisable ones like BBC iPlayer, All 4, Netflix and Amazon Prime. As well as streaming apps, games and digital media apps are also available. 


Improved Efficiencies

Our solution offers much more than just popular applications. Other features include meal ordering, push notifications and paying car parking charges. These features benefit not only patients but staff members too.

Many tasks within your Trust can be automated, reducing the amount of paperwork and Trusts can work collectively to reduce waste across the industry. By including specialist clinical apps on the platform such as e-prescribing, clinical messaging and more, the savings made here are more focussed towards reducing staff’s time and therefore improving their bedside care as they can focus their time better.

Our new model benefits Trusts and their patients, providing a fantastic opportunity for app developers. By becoming a WiFi SPARK app partner, we'll work closely to promote  meaningful and secure applications right infront of patients and staff and transform the healthcare industry.


How We're Working With App Developers To Make Medical Applications Safe

When it comes to security of  applications, we ensure that apps are vetted appropriately to comply with security standards. Any web-based app such as the apps available on the Play or App store on your mobile or smart device have been vetted by Android and Apple, so they are already compliant. Any specialist apps that are included will also go through a similar process to ensure complete protection for users.


How It Will Work For Trusts — What You Pay, Get and How

If you decide to invest in our solution, your Trust can select which applications you want to feature on your SPARK® platform. Our extensive catalogue is home to a vast array of every day (web-based), SPARK® developed (Print and Freeview TV) and specialist apps (clinical).

The platform is continually buildable and is designed to cater to your exact needs.

Once your application suite is up, your patients and staff can log into SPARK® from any approved device. This could be their own, a Trust-owned device, or a Bedside Unit for example. They’ll then be presented with several engagement pages containing our range of apps split into categories.

These pages cover Trust services, patient care, charities and our ever-growing entertainment selection. 

The cost of our solution will differ for every Trust, bespoke for you and your needs. If you're an existing Hospedia site, you have options to ensure you have a BYOD SPARK® Media solution and then you can switch the current bedside units to free to use for the patient and when you’re ready,  upgrade your bedside units to our new SPARK® Horizon unit.

For Trusts that aren’t currently using Hospedia solutions, the options include ensuring you have the BYOD SPARK® Media solution and then selecting where you’d like SPARK® Horizon units. You can learn more about our state-of-the-art technology and how it could work by downloading our brochure.

We’re excited to drive forward our efforts to change the patient experience model and create a better healthcare industry. We’d love for you to join us on our mission. If you have any questions, our team is here to help.

Our upcoming webinar is the perfect opportunity to hear more about our healthcare applications and ask any burning questions.


Let’s Shape the Future of Healthcare, Together

We’re excited to host our second webinar on the 23rd of February, 2023. This will be a Q&A where attendees can hear from our hand-picked panel of healthcare experts about industry trends, the future of patient experience and our plans as we look ahead.

If you want to attend and ask a question, sign up below.

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