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How SPARK® Media: Print Can Improve Patient and Visitor Satisfaction

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Access to entertainment can reduce the serious problem of boredom in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities. They make wards and waiting areas a much more pleasant place to be, rather than negatively impacting patients and visitors by leaving them frustrated or irritable.


Improve Patient Experience with SPARK® Media: Print

SPARK® Media: Print gives patients, out-patients and visitors access to a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Waiting rooms across the country are regularly filled with newspapers and magazines, however this presents a significant contamination issue and it’s not good for the environment.

What makes SPARK® Media: Print unique is that all of the latest newspapers and magazines can be enjoyed on the reader’s own device. You’ll be giving your patients, out-patients and visitors free access to digital print content that they can view on their smartphones or tablets.

Did you know? If NHS Trusts switch to SPARK® Media: Print this will save patients 99.9% of the cost of paying for the same paper magazines.

Providing access to digital print media can really help to ensure your patients have a more comfortable stay, keep them informed and entertained, and ultimately relieve boredom and make their stay in hospital more enjoyable. An unexpected offering like this can really improve the patient experience.

Plus, switching to a digital format massively reduces paper wastage. This is a big step in the right direction to combat this growing issue and will be a significant cost-saving to patients and visitors.


How Does it Work?

Simple to use and accessible via any web browser, WiFi SPARK can launch the service from your captive portal, our WiFi Lounge Portal or Media Dashboard after logging into the WiFi - there is no need to download an App.

The content is updated daily with the newest possible editions from around the globe. This is to make sure that users who are spending long periods in hospital aren’t always stuck and frustrated with the same outdated reading material.

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Why Do You Need SPARK® Media: Print?

Patient satisfaction and experience are both crucial when it comes to healthcare delivery. It can be a stressful time in a person’s life and anything you can do to ease their stress is worth pursuing.

They might be used to reading a tattered and worn newspaper, or even a magazine that’s a few editions out of date. However, they won’t expect to have access to a wide range of free digital content from their own smartphone. An unexpected offering like this can drastically improve the patient experience.

Something as simple as reading the day’s news from their favourite paper can do amazing things for someone’s mood, especially if they’re having a tough time in hospital or in a care home.

Reading a newspaper makes sure they’re up-to-date on what’s going on in the world because it can sometimes feel as though everything is passing you by during a lengthy stay. This can go a long way when it comes to making patients feel less isolated.

For anyone that’s visiting the hospital for an appointment, SPARK® Media: Print is a fantastic way of keeping them occupied while they wait to be seen by a healthcare professional.

Providing access to digital content from a user's own device will significantly reduce the risk of spreading infection on shared literature. This can be vital factor for ill or vulnerable patients or visitors that have no choice but to be in a confined, public space. 

This innovative entertainment solution increases the uses of your WiFi solution, drives brand awareness and offers a value-added service that they otherwise wouldn’t expect. It’s cost-effective and is a simple and easy way of improving visitor satisfaction.



Included are 2 revolutionary and customisable features which provide the ultimate digital reading experience. 

Magazines and newspapers have been configured to a mobile-friendly format. On the article's screen, a reading glasses icon will appear, by tapping on this it will make the text automatically position appropriately to coincide with the size of the phone screen. So, no matter how big or small the screen is, users will have no problem with getting to the bottom of their favourite article. 

What's more, new capabilities allow users to listen to their favourite articles through the device with "Article Audio", which utilises Al built by Amazon, to deliver the best quality text to speech. 

This offers complete flexibility and convenience to people who are experiencing a considerably stressful or unpleasant time whilst in Hospital, being hands-free is sure one less thing to think about. 

With the digital content being portable and readily available on your device, there’s no need to find room in your bag for a bulky newspaper or worry about misplacing your copy. 

These features also offer inclusivity to people with vision impairments, reading limitations, dyslexia, and even blindness, again, offering a customisable and all-round solution for all walks of life.



For a better understanding of what the SPARK® Media: Print's library of content has to offer, make sure to download our brochure and be on the way to digitally transforming your Trust.

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