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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Introduces a New Free Patient Entertainment Platform

4 minute read | 11/03/2021

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Introduces a New Free Patient Entertainment Platform


With the aim of making the patient experience whilst at West Suffolk more enjoyable, comfortable and enriching, the Trust introduced a range of free entertainment services including TV, radio, games, newspapers and magazines to all their patients. Recognising they were in need of an upgrade from their outdated, pay-to-use bedside units, patients are now able to access a broader range of entertainment from their own phone, laptop or tablet. 


Our SPARK® Media Solution works with Trusts to develop an entirely customisable platform, meeting the needs of the facility. 


West Suffolk’s Hospital Charity, WiSH, purchased a number of tablets that can be loaned to patients that do not have their own, meaning they too can enjoy the SPARK® Media platform. These tablets can be utilised by patients and visitors that aren’t entirely confident with technology and; the software’s easy to navigate interface does not require an account to be set up to access applications.  


In addition to the free entertainment and media services, patients are able to use their WiFi enabled devices to access the Trust’s Patient Portal (through the West Suffolk website) – a secure space to view hospital letters and documentation, appointment details and view test results online. In the case that any personal data was entered into a Trust-owned tablet, the Android software allows for easy data wiping ensuring no private information was retained.  


As part of their customisable platform, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust decided to provide access to the NHS’ educational health videos and the NHS Apps Library, facilitating the knowledge and recovery of their patients with accurate information. Furthermore, tailored dementia support services such as the provision of BBC Music Memories, specific services such as this allow a pocket of peace for those who may be less interested in the latest TV or magazines. 


Cassia Nice, head of patient experience and engagement at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust said, “being away from those you love when you are unwell, particularly with current visiting restrictions across the NHS, can be extremely difficult and days in hospital can seem long.  


“Entertainment is important to people and the variety offered through WiFi SPARK, from games to magazines to your favourite television programmes, will certainly help to improve peoples’ experience of being in hospital. We are delighted to offer this service to our patients.” 


WiFi SPARK is inspired by testimonies such as these and is motivated to provide free to access services to more locations across the UK.  


If you would like to find out more about how SPARK® Media can work for your Trust, click below to download the brochure.



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