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The WiFi SPARK Content Round-up on Covid

4 minute read | 21/12/2021

The WiFi SPARK Content Round-up on Covid

Over the last year and a half, we’ve written a lot of Covid-related content here at WiFi SPARK. The pandemic has dramatically changed our need for innovative technology and nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the NHS. That’s why it’s been the focus of a lot of our work.  

So, as it looks like Covid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we’ve collated six of our top posts so you can continue to cope with our new normal.  

Why hospitals need WiFi and entertainment access now more than ever 

Wait times in healthcare facilities have been steadily increasing and with staff already stretched to breaking point, patient entertainment is more important than ever to keep patients and visitors occupied and lessen the feeling of boredom. Read how easy patient engagement platforms are to establish and the incredible difference they make to the patient experience. 

SPARK® Media Unite – making covid 19 that little bit more bearable for those in hospital 

WiFi SPARK’s SPARK® Media: Unite solution continues to keep patients and staff across the NHS in touch with their loved ones by providing a free video calling application on any device with a web browser, without the need for the user to establish an account. Read the blog to learn more about the service.  

4 ways you can improve the doctor-patient relationship through technology 

Technology is a fabulous tool for streamlining most aspects of our lives and the provision of care is no different. With patients feeling detached from GP’s and healthcare professionals due to the scarcity of appointments and myriad of restrictions, read how technology can help you build back better with your patients. 

How to measure and improve patient satisfaction scores in the covid era 

At the time of publishing, September 2021, the blog found that a record 5.45 million patients were caught in a backlog waiting for care at healthcare facilities across the UK. Whilst some factors contributing to patient satisfaction may be out of our control, such as a backlog of patients due to high covid cases, this blog details the changes healthcare professionals can make now to have a lasting impact on the patient experience. 

Why digital technology will be crucial to a post-covid-19 recovery in healthcare  

Championing accessibility, adapting to remote monitoring, and personalising care are three crucial elements defining affective post-covid recovery in the NHS. Whilst the pandemic continues, we can begin making lasting changes by learning from the issues it has exasperated. Read more to plan your journey into 2022.  

6 things to add to your patient engagement strategy post-covid  

Every healthcare facility has a patient engagement strategy, no doubt filled with objectives for greater patient activation, education, and outreach. We’ve compiled a list of six easily adoptable tasks that can propel your strategy going into 2022.  


Covid may be sticking around longer than we’d like it to, but that’s all the more reason to actively think of ways to stop it interfering with our lives. At WiFi SPARK, our solutions have evolved throughout the pandemic to lessen the stress on staff, patients and families across the board. If you’d like to learn more about our work, take a look at our range of case studies.  

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75% of patients want digital healthcare services

So let’s work together to give it to them, all while optimising NHS processes.

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