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Why is Content Filtering Important for Hospital WiFi?

SPARK TSL Works With Friendly WiFi to Provide Safe Browsing for Patients

3 minute read | 07/02/2023

Why is Content Filtering Important for Hospital WiFi?

Making Hospital WiFi Safe

Hospital WiFi was made free in 2019 for patients and staff. However, it is up to the Trust how they implement this free WiFi. Trusts that choose not to invest in a quality WiFi service put their patients and visitors at risk. Cheap WiFi solutions are unlikely to come with Friendly WiFi content filtering or website security because it isn’t mandatory. While NHS budgets are tight and getting cheap WiFi is a quick fix, it will more likely cause more harm than good to patients and visitors.

Surprisingly, there are still major hospitals that provide internet access that is completely unfiltered or protected. This exposes individuals to potential exploitation when they are in a vulnerable state. In such situations, their judgment may be clouded, leading them to inadvertently click on harmful websites that would have otherwise been blocked by SPARK TSL's website security. Additionally, children using devices for entertainment, such as tablets or borrowed phones, could stumble upon explicit content. These risks pose a threat to the patient experience, introducing unnecessary stress that could have easily been prevented.


Friendly WiFi and SPARK TSL

The example above is exactly why SPARK TSL has partnered with Friendly WiFi. A relationship that bloomed in January in 2018. Friendly WiFi is an official certification initiated by the government to demonstrate that a public WiFi network is secure for all users. Additionally, it is GDPR compliant, providing assurance that the top-tier WiFi service is safe and reliable.

Friendly WiFi protects against:

  • Adult content.
  • Illegal content.
  • Explicit videos.
  • Inappropriate Google searches.
  • Restricted YouTube content.
  • Terrorist content

Friendly WiFi is seamlessly integrated with our Website Security Software, which meticulously categorises websites and effectively blocks malicious content such as criminal activities, hacking, illegal substances, spyware, and other harmful sites. This comprehensive list of restricted websites boasts a 99.99% success rate in shielding your users from these potential threats. Content filtering stands as just one of the many advanced features encompassed within SPARK TSL’s comprehensive managed service package.

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Testimonials for Content FilteringUniversity Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

"Having a public WiFi provider that is Friendly WiFi certified provides peace of mind and we can be confident that we protect individuals, whether children or employees, from accessing content that is inappropriate for their age or function."
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust


"SPARK TSL quickly identified that it is vital for patients both staying in and visiting hospitals, plus visitors to enjoy a safe browsing experience when accessing the WiFi service. They were one of the first WiFi providers to work with Friendly WiFi to ensure that they provided an easy way to certify to their healthcare clients to provide peace of mind. They are leading the way with their clients and showing how a safe WiFi experience can be achieved." 
Beverley Smith, Director of Friendly WiFi 


Why Content Filtering is Necessary


Ensuring the safety of patients, visitors, and staff is paramount, making content filtering an essential tool. Particularly in sensitive environments like healthcare facilities, filtering content not only protects the individual user but also those around them, as many patients share wards and communal areas.

Settle for nothing but excellence when it comes to the well-being of your patients and their loved ones. Implementing even a small change can make a significant impact on those who are already facing challenges.


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