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Why is Content Filtering Important for Hospital WiFi?

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The internet is more accessible than ever, meaning that anyone can stumble upon content that they don’t want to see, or view something inappropriate around others. This is why unfiltered content on public WiFi is not ideal for children or vulnerable people. Friendly WiFi prevents this from being an issue. This combined with WiFi SPARK’s website security feature that blocks harmful sites, your WiFi couldn’t be in better hands.


Hospital Internet

Hospital WiFi was made free in 2019 for patients and staff. However, this could mean that the hospital went for a cheaper WiFi supplier as they now have to cover the costs. These services might not come with Friendly WiFi or website security because it isn’t mandatory. While NHS budgets are tight and getting cheap WiFi is a quick fix, it will more likely cause more harm than good to patients and visitors.

Surprisingly, there are still major hospitals that provide internet access that is completely unfiltered or protected. This makes people in danger of being taken advantage of when they are in a vulnerable position. They might not be thinking correctly and click on a malicious site that otherwise would have been blocked with WiFi SPARK’s website security. Or a child could be using a tablet or borrowed phone from a parent for entertainment and come across some explicit content. The risks are there and could damage the patient experience, causing unnecessary extra stress that could have been easily avoided.


Friendly WiFi and WiFi SPARK

The example above is exactly why WiFI SPARK has partnered with Friendly WiFi. A relationship that started at the beginning of January in 2018. Friendly WiFi is a government-initiated certification that shows that a public WiFi network is safe for all users. It is also GDPR compliant offering a peace of mind that the market-leading WiFi service is safe.

Friendly WiFi protects against:

  • Adult content.
  • Illegal content.
  • Explicit videos.
  • Inappropriate Google searches.
  • Restricted YouTube content.
  • Terrorist content

This is combined with our Website security software, which categorises websites and blocks dangerous ones such as criminal skills and hacking, illegal drugs, spyware and malicious sites to name a few. This list of websites is exhaustive and is 99.99% effective in protecting your users from these categories. The content filtering is one of many features included in WiFi SPARK’s managed service offering.



"Having a public WiFi provider that is Friendly WiFi certified provides peace of mind and we can be confident that we protect individuals, whether children or employees, from accessing content that is inappropriate for their age or function."
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

"WiFi Spark quickly identified that it is vital for patients both staying in and visiting hospitals, plus visitors to enjoy a safe browsing experience when accessing the WiFi service. They were one of the first WiFi providers to work with Friendly WiFi to ensure that they provided an easy way to certify to their healthcare clients to provide peace of mind. They are leading the way with their clients and showing how a safe WiFi experience can be achieved." 
Beverley Smith, Director of Friendly WiFi 


Why Content Filtering is Necessary

To protect patients, visitors and staff, content filtering is a must. In particularly sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities, filtering content not only safeguards the user, but also others around them as many patients share wards and communal areas with others.

Don’t settle for anything but the best for your patients and their families. A small change will make a world of difference to those who are already struggling.

Content filtering for WiFi



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