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Celebrating World WiFi Day 2023

2 minute read | 20/06/2023

Celebrating World WiFi Day 2023

The 20th of June marks World WiFi Day. As a leading WiFi provider, we understand the significance of this global event, which highlights the crucial role WiFi plays in connecting people and communities across the world.

Today we want to express our appreciation for the incredible relationships we have formed with our WiFi customers and partners over the 19 years in business.

In this blog, we’re shining a spotlight on two long-standing WiFi customers in particular, so join us as we recognise their contributions and reflect on the power of WiFi in shaping our modern world.


Connecting People at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

One of our esteemed WiFi customers is none other than the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. As a venue that hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Park has become a symbol of unity, athleticism, and innovation.

With millions of visitors each year, the need for super-fast and reliable public connectivity is paramount. WiFi SPARK is proud to provide a free guest WiFi service - SPARK® Connect - throughout the Park, enabling visitors to log in and stay connected, share their experiences, and capture unforgettable moments during their time there.

It is an honour to play a part in enhancing the overall experience in one of London’s remarkable locations.


Empowering Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

Another valued customer in our network is one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK, Newcastle Upon Type Hospitals. This healthcare institution has been at the forefront of providing exceptional care to the community for over 250 years.

In an age where connectivity is vital, especially within healthcare settings, we are privileged to support Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital with a reliable WiFi and patient engagement platform.

From assisting patients and visitors in safe and secure browsing, to staying connected with their loved ones during challenging times, our WiFi infrastructure plays a vital role in enhancing the overall patient experience and fostering a sense of connectivity and well-being.


The Power of WiFi

World WiFi Day allows us to celebrate not only our valued customers, but also the power of WiFi itself.

WiFi has transformed the way we connect, communicate, and manage our daily lives. From homes to businesses, WiFi has transformed the way we access information, share ideas, and bridge the gaps between individuals and communities.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to connect and support exceptional organisations and the individuals who benefit from our WiFi service. Together, we can continue to shape a more connected and inclusive future for all.

To discover more about our WiFi product, SPARK® Connect, visit the dedicated web page below.


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