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SPARK® Media vs. legacy healthcare systems

75% of patients expect digital services in healthcare, but aren't receiving this through the healthcare legacy systems. Download our FREE comparison guide and see how SPARK® Media compares by:

  • Giving staff the freedom to be more productive and efficient
  • Giving patients who are missing home a sense of normality
  • Allowing staff to carry out their responsibilities whilst ensuring patients are tended to

Our comparison guide highlights the difference between WiFi SPARK's SPARK® Media platform and healthcare legacy systems to show you how both impact patients and staff members. 


In this guide we'll compare the existing systems that are in place in hospitals across the country against SPARK® Media. 
We take a look at:
-How they are faring in the 21st Century
-What legacy systems can do
- How SPARK® Media compares
- How having accessible internet impacts both patients and staff

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