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Become an apps partner. Make a change.

Providing WiFi solutions to the healthcare industry wouldn’t be possible without our partners. Partners are integral to the progression of SPARK TSL as a company.

Fostering an inclusive education environment, idea sharing and opportunity, partnerships enable businesses to further their offerings together and individually, and each new partnership is an exciting prospect.

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What does it mean to be a partner?

Becoming a partner means you help pave the way for a better NHS for patients.

Your app could improve a patient’s experience on wards, speed up their healthcare journey, and inform and entertain. 

When you’re a partner, you’ll become part of the catalogue of available applications that Trusts can choose to build into their own custom app screens with SPARK® Media.

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Increased exposure

Your app will be available to hundreds of thousands of patients in over 120 Trusts


Increased revenue

Through promotion via our channels


Be part of a unique solution

Currently, nowhere else offers this opportunity in the UK

What type of partners are we looking for?

Application partners who have developed their own app that they want to implement into NHS Trusts and public WiFi solutions.

We welcome all types of applications from gaming apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush and educational apps like BBC Bitesize, to communication apps including Skype and Google Hangouts, and recreational apps like Netflix. We also welcome clinical apps.

Join us on our mission to improve patient experience

If you’re a healthcare application developer aiming to make a meaningful difference in the health industry and expand your reach, contact us today to discover more about the SPARK® Media entertainment and engagement platform.

Join a community working towards the digital transformation of healthcare

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