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Trusts Offer Free Bedside TV to Patients Across The Queen’s Jubilee

2 minute read | 16/06/2022

Trusts Offer Free Bedside TV to Patients Across The Queen’s Jubilee

Hospitals with Hospedia bedside entertainment units offered free TV to their patients during their stay, for 24 hours a day between the 2nd – 5th June in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

This kind gesture was given to patients by particular Trusts up and down the UK, from Scotland to the South East, who signed up to the offer which we were happily able to deploy without any additional costs. Crucially, patients were not asked to register or sign-up making it easy for people of all ages to access.

Statistics show that there was a 60% increase in bedside usage across the Jubilee period. This meant more patients tuned in and made the most of the free TV offering.

We understand that hospital visits are not pleasant at the best of times, so we thank the Trusts for doing something that helped keep patients entertained meaning they didn’t have to miss out on their favourite soap or series during their time spent in hospital.

The Platinum Jubilee was a fantastic opportunity for the Nation to come together, so we are grateful that we were able to do this with our Trusts and contribute in some way to boosting patient morale and mental well-being.

Our aim at WiFi SPARK is to move away from the typical ‘patient-pays’ model by 2024 and make TV and entertainment free at all times for patients through software paid for by individual Trusts, health boards and their charities. We hope that this free TV offer has helped demonstrate the benefits to Trusts, staff and their patients, enabling our vision to be supported.

Once again, we thank the Trusts who were on board with the offering of free bedside TV to patients across the Jubilee weekend. We believe that it has made a big impact on enriching the future of patient entertainment.


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