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SPARK® Media: Unite – making COVID-19 that little bit more bearable for those in hospital.

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Social distancing, lockdowns, self-isolation, these protective measures are imperative to keep you safe during this time. While that is accepted, what isn’t is not being able to see friends and family – we need this interaction.


The thought of not seeing loved ones if you are in hospital at any point is unsettling, let alone when we are in the middle of a global health crisis. While a proportion of people have their own mobile devices and the savvy to FaceTime or video chat, there are still those out there who do not have this capability.


With SPARK® Media: Unite, COVID-19 will not stop you seeing your loved ones. You can use applications such as Hangouts, Zoom, Houseparty, WhatsApp and more to video chat with your nearest and dearest, completely free.


You don’t need your own device as the solution is designed to run on any tablet, meaning that this software is accommodating to whatever model the hospital can source.


What is SPARK® Media: Unite?

SPARK® Media: Unite is a means for people to see each other over the internet using apps like Skype, Messenger, or Hangouts. The solution can also allow access to games and entertainment features. For a hospital-provided tablet solution, it is fully locked-down secure device that can be locked to any existing food table or a bedside cabinet.


The service allows access to any wall-gardened web links, or hospital radio, as well as streaming media sites such as iPlayer, Netflix, PRIME etc. For digital print content, access to the full SPARK® Media Entertainment service is available, including SPARK® Media: Print which enables access to digital magazines and newspapers.


What does it look like?
The interface consists of icons available to the user and there is space at the bottom to brand the solution for the hospital. Icons are configurable to suit the needs of the hospital.


After a user has finished with a hospital-owned tablet, they simply log out of the app they used or use the ‘clear data’ application to ensure that their personal data is removed before returning the device.


What does a hospital need to do to get it?

The hospital will need to get in touch with our team and inform us of their requirements. We will work with our hardware providers to provide the necessary equipment and install the SPARK® Media: Unite software onto them and ship them to the hospital.


If you are interested in this solution download the handout or please contact our team.

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