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Security Upgrade Available to New and Existing SPARK TSL Customers

4 minute read | 15/06/2023

Security Upgrade Available to New and Existing SPARK TSL Customers

SPARK TSL is thrilled to introduce its latest security development feature, SPARK® Secure. This pioneering upgrade is available to both new and existing customers, offering organisations and their end-users supreme levels of security and protection when accessing the WiFi.

As industry leaders in providing commercial WiFi solutions to a wide range of large venues, including hospitals and shopping centres, part of our dedicated managed service ensures that every aspect of your network, from software (WiFi) to hardware (device or equipment), is installed with the utmost safety in mind.

Additionally, our expert team configures the hardware to minimise risks and strengthen your network's overall security capability.

So, let's explore in more depth the three key elements that make this upgrade essential.


  1. What Our Customers Receive from Upgrading
  2. The Importance of Security Upgrades
  3. How WiFi SPARK Helps Safeguard You and Your Users


1. What Our Customers Receive from Upgrading 

The current SPARK Gateway, which is used in our standard deployment, is a stateful Firewall with rules in place to protect us from external threats. Inbound access is locked down to known SPARK Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to prevent any unauthorised access.

SPARK® Secure introduces an extra layer of security by ensuring that the SPARK Gateways cannot be tampered with, by protecting it with antivirus capability.

The service includes security features such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Protection (IDS/IPS). Once installed, the security sensor will keep itself up to date to ensure maximum protection.

Opting for this upgrade, you will see several other security benefits, including:

  • Next generation antivirus (NGAV) capabilities, this defends the gateways from viruses and malware attacks. It uses latest malware and virus definitions for known attacks and machine-learning pattern recognition technology to identify unknown threats.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), an advanced security measure that actively oversees endpoints (devices linked to the network) to identify any suspicious actions or potential security breaches.

  • Proactive threat detection, combining the skills of experienced analysts with cutting-edge technology to actively uncover potential security risks and intrusions within your network.

  • Access to a vast container of cyber threat intelligence, collecting and analysing data from various sources to identify emerging threats and malicious acts. This information is leveraged to reinforce the security framework of your network, strengthening threat prevention measures, and facilitating effective response actions.

The quality of this service is underpinned by a team of security experts actively monitoring for new threats. They are constantly updating the security sensor’s definitions to keep the gateways protected.

By upgrading to SPARK® Secure, which can be installed in minutes, you can leverage the above additional features to enhance the overall security of your WiFi network.


2. The Importance of Security Upgrades

If your network or infrastructure is outdated or underperforming, it can negatively impact your organisation in many ways.

Cyber threats, such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and unauthorised access, are happening more regularly than ever in today’s day and age. According to official statics from AAG, The UK had the highest number of cybercrime victims per million internet users at 4783 in 2022 – up 40% over 2020 figures.

Robust security measures, including regular upgrades, help prevent unauthorised users from accessing your organisation's WiFi network, and assists in ensuring everyone is safe when accessing the internet.

Our specialist team can assess your current network setup to ensure complete security. With cutting-edge network management services and upgraded security, you can focus on your core business goals and we’ll maintain our duty of taking care of the rest.


3. How SPARK TSL Helps Safeguard You and Your Users

As part of the managed service, SPARK TSL helps safeguard end-users by implementing several measures on top of what's already included, ensuring we stay one step ahead to enhancing the overall security of your network.

  • Content Filtering:

Implementing content filtering methods allows SPARK TSL to control the type of content that end-users can access. Content filtering can be based on various criteria e.g., adult content, violence, specific URLs, or keywords.

By using filtering technologies, we work with our customers to block access to specific sites or content that is deemed inappropriate or restricted - putting the welfare of you and your end-user first.

  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting:
We can maintain a list of websites or URLs that are either explicitly blocked (blacklisted) or allowed (whitelisted). Blacklisting prevents access to known censored or age-restricted sites, while whitelisting allows access to specific approved sites only.

  • User Authentication:
Setting usernames and passwords allows us to assign different levels of access to different users i.e., staff, patient, employee, or guest. By setting age restrictions or access permissions based on profiles, our customers can ensure that only appropriate content is accessible to each user.

Additionally, our robust Domain Name System (DNS) content filtering is designed to safeguard end-users from the ever-evolving threats of known, suspicious, or compromised websites and endpoints.

With this advanced security measure in place, we can effectively block malware and prevent the spread of harmful viruses, as well as prevent phishing attacks that aim to steal sensitive information.

By upgrading, you can have peace of mind that your network and users are shielded from potential threats, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without compromising your online presence.


Upgrade Your Network with SPARK® Secure, Today 

If you are interested in exploring your upgrade options further and to speak directly with a member of our Sales team, please contact us using the form below.


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