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Learn About the Power of Statistics from the Healthcare Strategy Forum

6 minute read

Learn About the Power of Statistics from the Healthcare Strategy Forum

SPARK TSL attends many healthcare networking events to connect with the right people who are interested in our products and services. It creates a tailored experience for both the Trust representatives and the suppliers. The organisers for this event used technology and data to their full potential by collecting and presenting data from delegates and suppliers. This data is segmented and filtered to allow both parties to locate the people who are the most relevant to solve their problem. 

Below are examples of how powerful this kind of tool can be. 

  1. Location

  2. Hospital Improvements

  3. Budgets

  4. Match Making

  5. Data protection

  6. Conclusion

LocationHSF map

The Healthcare Strategy Forum was held at De Vere Cotswold Water Park, a venue located in the South of England. It was no surprise that the majority of attendees came from London, with other hotspots being from Manchester, Leeds, and Oxford. Interestingly, no delegates made the trip down from Scotland, and only a handful came from Wales. This data provides valuable insights into which Trusts prioritize attending events like this and therefore suggest who we should be talking to.

Hospital Improvements

Prior to the event, delegates completed a thorough questionnaire that provided valuable insights into the priorities, strategies, and areas of improvement for their respective Trusts. The data was then organised into category charts, allowing suppliers to gain a consensus of what the Trusts truly want and tailor their work to better meet those needs. This approach ensures that suppliers are efficiently meeting the needs of their clients, while also avoiding wasted time and resources on solutions that may not align with the Trust's goals.

For example, the top technical priorities have been listed as such.


SPARK TSL's focus on "Driving efficiency in the patient journey while maximising patient experience" aligns perfectly with the top technical priorities listed by delegates. By clicking on the yellow bar, we can view the list of individuals who selected this option, including their name, role, and Trust. This allows us to refine our approach and determine if they are the right person to talk to about our products and services. If they are not a good match, we won't waste their time by sending a meeting invite or pursuing them at the event. This approach benefits both the delegate and supplier, as it ensures that they are only approached by relevant parties who can help address their specific needs.

By providing suppliers with access to delegate information beforehand, they can take advantage of this head start to connect with potential clients before the event even begins. This approach is much more efficient in finding the right clients for their business, as they already know that these individuals are interested in what they have to offer based on the provided information. The goal is to come away from the event with qualified leads and a clear plan on which products can best help the Trust. Suppliers can use this information to get to know names, engage in online meetings, and even look up delegates on LinkedIn. This approach saves time for both parties and allows for a more personalised and effective experience.


BudgetsClinical and patient portals NHS budget

One common issue faced by Trusts is the lack of budget to invest in new initiatives and products, often resulting in wasted time for both the supplier and Trust. However, it can be tricky to determine appropriate pricing without scaring off potential clients before they have the chance to see the full value of the product. Thankfully, the HSF portal provides a breakdown of how much the NHS is willing to spend on certain categories, allowing suppliers to tailor their offerings accordingly and avoid unnecessary rejections.

Lucky for us, this information is part of the HSF portal. This pie chart represents how much the NHS is willing to spend on clinical & patient portals. Our products fall under this category. 57% of delegates want to increase the spending on this. Perfect. So we go in and click the 57% and it will show us the list of delegates. 

Once again, this data is a time saver for both Trust delegates and the supplier. This data can also be combined to highlight who is the best match for what you supply

Match Making

The client manager view offers a powerful tool called 'Find my Matches' which allows you to select boxes relevant to your company and generate a full list of delegates. The ones marked with a star are considered a match and numbered from 1 to 25, with number 1 being the best match. This function uses data from the 'Seeks more information' tab and is downloadable for cross-referencing with the budget report to find the perfect match. It leads to more high-stake delegates but also makes the supplier confident that they can offer the Trust the solution they’re looking for. It also saves the delegate time looking for suppliers because they are likely to find them first.  

Data Protection

While it may seem that this platform shares a lot of data with suppliers, it is important to note that access is limited to those who have paid to attend the event. Therefore, confidential information regarding specific Trusts and individuals is not shared to maintain a competitive environment. Additionally, emails and phone numbers are locked until after the event, ensuring that delegates are not inundated with messages before they have had a chance to attend. Even after the event, suppliers will only reach out to those who have expressed interest or with whom they have had a meeting. This strategic approach allows suppliers to make the most out of their contacts and ensures that delegates are not overwhelmed with unnecessary messages.



Healthcare events allow everyone to meet with the relevant people to help solve a problem of theirs. There are rapid-fire introductions to every supplier there which gives all of them a chance to get in front of the delegates, and gives the delegates a fair share of options to choose from that will best suit their needs. It’s all about finding the right solution from the right company and making those personal connections. This kind of collaboration will boost the NHS and help tackle the issues they face today. 

Data sourced by Ah! Media for the Healthcare Strategy Forum 2023 

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