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Pricing for TV Bedside Units

This page details all the prices available on the TV Bedside Units. All prices are available through the call centre, and a selection of them are available through the Bedside Unit Screens.

The number for the call centre is 0345 414 1234. Friends and family can also call this number to purchase an entertainment package for a loved one in hospital. 

There are slightly different prices for the two main models of Bedside Unit, the T2 and T3. This is because the T3 has more features available. Search for the hospital you are staying in to find out prices. 

Support Page

WiFi spark's vision to make patient entertainment free

WiFi SPARK have acquired Hospedia and now run the Bedside Units. We don't want to continue charging patients for entertainment while in the hospital. Read more about how we plan on making patient entertainment free by reading our blog here.

In the meantime, we have SPARK® Media that provides free entertainment on your own device, we're looking at reducing the pricing, and we're educating the patients and staff about the TV Bedside Units and the benefits they provide.  You can access more information about the Bedside Units here.

Pricing Tip: Longer stay packages are cheaper per day. E.g. A day of TV is £7.90. But 7 days of TV is £34.90, which rounds up to £5 a day, saving you £20!

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