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Keep Your Passengers Connected And Supercharge Your Business Intelligence

WiFi SPARK offers passenger WiFi with premium connectivity to the public as they move around your estate, which gives you premium insight into behaviours and connectivity. Benefit from:

  • Continuously Connected Passenger Journey*
  • Passenger analytics
  • Mobile data offload
  • Exceptional support 24/7
  • Safe, secure and compliant

Next generation WiFi - Innovation delivered.

*UK Patent 2556060


WiFi SPARK has developed a premium WiFi solution to enable transport operating companies to offer seamless high speed connectivity to their passengers as they travel from station to station.

Once connected, passengers will be taken to a fully branded, custom portal and have uninterrupted connectivity from the beginning of their journey to the end, without having to login multiple times. The innovative SPARK® technology will also recognise the passenger’s device and allow them online automatically when they return to the station, with a welcome back greeting message.

As well as providing your passengers with a seamless journey, SPARK® helps businesses collate data on groups of people and their travelling habits. You can understand more about your passengers, how far and often they travel, and engage with timely content. Learn, plan and market better.

See how SPARK® can work for train operating companies by downloading our Transport Brochure.

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Passengers can be authenticated via email to ensure high quality of data collected for your CRM.


WiFi automatically switches from station to train or bus for the passengers without needing to authenticate again.

Compliant and Filtered

Fully compliant to legal requirements, filtered with IWF compliant filtering categories and ‘Friendly WiFi Scheme’ approved.

Fully Managed Service

24/7 helpdesk support and monitoring for end users by WiFi SPARK engineers.


WiFi SPARK uses the best connectivity wherever possible and state of the art hardware to ensure the highest quality connectivity for passengers.


Central, fully branded and customisable User Experience Portal to enable the operating company to communicate directly with passengers across all transportation methods.


WiFi networks for the Public and Staff remain separated.


Data offload means that as the train or bus nears the station, the connectivity is offloaded onto the station WiFi ensuring users have the best connection available and cost savings are made for the operating company.


Rich data presented in an easy to use dashboard showing advanced passenger demographics, passenger journeys, dwell time, client count, how far passengers are travelling, the languages used and more.

Want to hear more on how WiFi SPARK has helped businesses in the Transport sector?

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This really is next generation WiFi. Passengers want to be continuously connected to fast and reliable WiFi as they move through every step of their journey. This collaboration with WiFi SPARK and our other technology partners provides Chiltern Railways customers with a seamless service from the moment they arrive at the station and is part of our ongoing commitment to provide the very best digital train experience for our passengers.
Kevin Ives, Digital Transformation Director, Arriva UK Trains
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The Continuously Connected Passenger Journey was developed by WiFi SPARK and Icomera on behalf of Arriva UK Trains. We are so impressed by the solution implemented by WiFi SPARK and Icomera that Arriva is now developing the solution as standard.
George Copeland, Digital Train Programme Manager, Arriva UK Trains
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For an international airport such as ours, that sees over 5 million people pass through its gates each year, it is vital that we are able to provide our passengers and employees with a superfast and robust WiFi connection. Our business passengers consider WiFi a time-saving necessity that enables them to maintain productivity, compensating for having to travel on long flights or at the weekend. Similarly, a strong WiFi connection means that parents can keep children entertained in the departure lounge or keep in touch with relatives ahead of a flight without the associated high costs of 3G/4G. The solution that WiFi SPARK is providing is class-leading and we are looking forward to reaping the benefits that the superfast gigabit WiFi and data analytics will bring, in order to provide our passenger and employees with the best airside experience possible
Steve Duchar, IT Manager, Newcastle International Airport


Arriva Trains


The main goal for Arriva Trains was to deliver an innovative public WiFi solution to give passengers a continuious connectivity throughout their travel experience, improving the passenger experience. Find out how we helped to deliver just that, and more.



The challenge for NIA was that they needed to offer a WiFi Service that enhanced the passenger experience, but for both business and leisure purposes. Find out how WiFi SPARK made enhancing the experience for both demographics simple.