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WiFi SPARK & Talk Telecom

About Talk Telecom

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Head office in Buckinghamshire, UK

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Specialising in Mobile SIM Connections, M2M, VOIP Telephony, Broadband, Line Rental, and much more.

Partner Profile

Talk Telecom is a leading independent business communication specialist, founded in 2012, who works with businesses to assess their current and future communication requirements.  Through careful consultation, they identify and recommend the right solution to meet and exceed your technology aspirations. Their independence enables them to work with multiple vendors to ensure the most resilient and cost-effective solution is deployed. The solution is both flexible and scalable to accommodate the changing needs of a business.  





  • To replace outdated telephony systems within hospitals

  • Upgrade to a reliable MPLS Network

  • Procure a cost-effective and reputable solution that can adapt to ever-changing needs

  • A renewed telephone solution that will improve existing services for customers

  • Ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to our service offering

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"Since our acquisition of Hospedia, WiFi SPARK provides entertainment services over 56,000 bedside units, to patients in over 130 NHS Hospitals. The units enable the patient to make and receive calls with their loved ones, as well as being able to access the internet and stream live television and sports to ease their stay whilst in hospital. This was installed and maintained at no cost to the NHS and choosing the right partner to deliver this solution, ensuring continuity of service for the hospitals and patients, was our priority."

Matt O'Donovan

Chief Executive Officer


The Solution

WiFi SPARK soon built a strong relationship with Talk Telecom and is a blue-chip client of theirs.  

Since WiFi SPARK’s acquisition of the UK’s largest patient entertainment provider, Hospedia, the company’s aim is to make changes for the better, starting with a renewed telephone solution to improve existing services within hospitals. As well as cost, the look, feel, and general user experience were top considerations when considering such a big move.

After approaching three other suppliers, WiFi SPARK chose to partner with Talk Telecom as they had the best technical and project delivery capability.  

We are delighted with the completion of a 130 site MPLS network and VoIP Cloud telephone solution that is now in place for NHS customers. In such a short deadline, a six-month deployment is an impressive turnaround.  

The relationship between WiFi SPARK and Talk Telecom is strong and in partnership and will help to deliver the best possible telephony solution for patients in hospitals. This is one fundamental step closer to WiFi SPARK’s vision which will spark a change in the patient experience.


Our Goal

CEO, Matt O'Donovan said: “We appointed Talk Telecom to provide the MPLS network and VoIP telephony, as they demonstrated they had the technical expertise required to deploy and manage both the MPLS network and telephony at a competitive price. We were working to a hard deadline of six months and I am pleased that both the WiFi SPARK & Talk Telecom’s technical teams were able to work together to deploy this complex solution on time, on budget and with no disruption to service.” 


Challenges Solved  

Mark Culshaw, CTO at Talk Telecom said: “It was a complex solution as it was effectively two major projects in one, with approx. 2.2 million number port, but through careful project management with WiFi SPARK, we were able deploy the solution on time and within six months.”

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