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WiFi SPARK Service Desk

About the Service Desk

Organisation Type

UK-based support team providing assistance to NHS and private sector organisations across the country

Size of Operation

25 Customer Care Operatives

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Product Suites

Aiding customers and their end-users through phone, email and live chat channels, the Service Desk operates 24/7/365 to support the effective running of WiFi SPARK services. 




The mission behind the expansion of WiFi SPARK’s Service Desk is to further support our customers and their changing needs. 

Designed to offer a range of services from an ‘open all hours’ answering service, through to a highly sophisticated Network Operations centre that can monitor and manage customer’s systems, our mission is to reduce pressure on our customer’s staff whilst providing consistent support.  


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What makes the Service Desk brilliant?


24/7 network management – the Service Desk remotely monitors the hardware you install to ensure its functionality. If a component fails, the team will know about it immediately and where possible deploy a solution to fix it. 


In 2020 the WiFi SPARK Service Desk received over 20,000 calls, 90% of which were resolved at the first point of contact 


Engaging in the Kickstart scheme, the WiFi SPARK Service Desk employs five young workers aged 16-24 who are at risk of long-term unemployment ensuring the generation of jobs for young people in the local community.  


  • Offer responsive and robust support to customers and end-users.

  • Operate effectively over a number of channels including phone, live chat and email.

  • Solve 80% of queries at first point of contact.

  • Provide support that is individual to the policies and procedures of the contractor.

  • Relay consistent and exhaustive reporting that enables targets to be set and reviewed.

  • Deliver all support free of charge to the end user.

  • Establish an appropriate escalation service allowing for immediate or predetermined action.

  • Remotely monitor infrastructure to identify issues instantaneously.

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“We are delighted and proud to be able to offer our exemplary service and support call handling capabilities to Customers. Our consistently high standards of excellent customer care and passion to please mean that whenever your end-users contact our team the calls will be dealt with courteously, professionally, and efficiently every single time.”

Louis Ravensfield

Operations Manager


The Service

The SPARK® Service Desk is a solutions-focused, UK-based service desk providing inbound technical support services. Staffed by IT professionals using ITIL and ISO best practice, the SPARK® Service Desk team have excellent communication skills via telephone, email and chat. 

Offering unbeatable service level agreements (SLAs) and exceptional ‘always on’ support, the Service Desk delivers an ‘always open’ service operating 24/7/365.   

SPARK® Service Desk will provide a customised support service desk experience, with dedicated contact routes for your service users to phone, email, or instant message. Answering the call as a member of your organisation and adhering to your company values and messaging. 

Operating on three levels, the Service Desk can escalate queries through the tiers to ensure a solution is found.  

1st level support is led by a customer orientated operative who can assist with common, everyday requirements.  

2nd level support balances customer service with technical knowledge to solve more detailed issues.  

The 3rd level support team can either be outsourced to a solution matter expert within your organisation or to a trained subject matter expert within WiFi SPARK.  

White labelling ensures that the Service Desk becomes one with your brand, a dedicated phone line, extensive product knowledge, company values and messaging incorporated make for a united support service reaching your customers.  

Each month a report is sent to customers detailing key service information such as the number of calls, resolution time and the disposition of calls. Backed up by a quarterly service review and round the clock monitoring, WiFi SPARK is able to deliver a fully managed service that represents your brand without adding to the workload of your staff.  

Use Case

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board 

WiFi SPARK’s round-the-clock monitoring meant that when a wireless controller spontaneously failed at the Wrexham site, WiFi SPARK engineers were able to quickly pick up the issue and act fast to ensure the service was not compromised.  

Diverting the wireless traffic via Bangor (a second WiFi SPARK managed Betsi Cadwaladr site) to ensure no service interruption, engineers worked to resolve the problem in record time.  

WiFi SPARK’s consistent awareness of site activity meant that the team were able to respond to the issue before it had a chance to affect end-users.  

This is the customer care that the Service Desk prides itself on, alleviating responsibility from the customer and continuously delivering exceptional support. 

Ian Platt, a member of the Betsi Cadwaladr Informatics team, noted “a big thanks to the WiFi SPARK team for their help during failure in Wrexham. It was a bonus to be able to divert traffic and have everything resolved in the same evening.


The Future  

In 2020, WiFi SPARK expanded its operations when its parent company, Volaris, acquired patient engagement provider Hospedia. With the acquisition came an incredible team of dedicated support agents with a wealth of experience aiding the NHS in delivering compassionate and timely advice when it comes to technology.  

As one team, the Service Desk is setting its sights on assisting customers and end-users outside of the WiFi SPARK locale.  

Utilising its impeccable response times, analytical reporting and exemplary customer service, the team will be looking to share its resources within new fields.  

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To download a copy of the Service Desk case study as a PDF, simply click the link below.

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