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"Working on a project of this scale means that we need to consider the user experience of a variety of parties and develop a solution that speaks to each of them. With the residents, businesses and tourists in mind, we developed a seamless WiFi solution that met cross-sector needs, all whilst adhering to the company’s brand guidelines and developing a stylish portal. It was a pleasure”

Oliver Malkin Product Manager, WiFi SPARK

Our Solution

Since the 18th century, Mayfair and Belgravia have enjoyed a global reputation as being among the most desirable destinations to live, work, shop and socialise in London and little has changed today. What has changed, however, is the diversity of the people who come to London’s coveted SW postcode to explore, shop, holiday or, if you’re lucky enough, live. And it is for that reason that the international property development company recognised a need to re-establish the WiFi capabilities of the district.  

Beginning their work with WiFi SPARK in 2015, a recent Marketing re-brand saw the property management titans reassess the strength of the current WiFi provision, their priorities as a business and the possibility of growth in Mayfair and Belgravia with the appropriate application of a WiFi solution. With diverse innovation taking place within WiFi SPARK between 2015 and 2021, the team were ready to excel the district’s offering with a tailored solution.  

WiFi SPARK was able to facilitate the provision of a guest access on-street WiFi solution that allowed for seamless movement between property and pavement, without losing connection. This was achieved by integrating with the fibre suppliers’ back-end connectivity for a seamless connection. A renewed and robust WiFi connection provided in tandem with partners Ruckus, ensured that the quality of the connectivity matched the standards of the area's residents, traders and visitors. Delivering Gigabit WiFi to large listed streets added to the value of the districts and worked as an effective base from which to develop a premium offering and grow the Mayfair and Belgravia brands.  

Reinforcing the branding re-design, WiFi SPARK developed two unique and tailored user experience (UX) portals that greet users upon their connection to the WiFi. Displaying individual Mayfair and Belgravia logos, colours and branding, the UXs are entirely customisable and can be edited to reflect events or special occasions happening across the year. The UX also offers an opportunity to develop local awareness; much like a webpage, the UX can contain a variety of information from maps to restaurant guides or even be used as advertising space to showcase Bond Street’s latest styles. In the same way, the UX is able to reinforce the identity of the new respective Mayfair and Belgravia brands, it can generate a sense of community by presenting all that is to be enjoyed within the districts as soon as connection is made to the on-street WiFi. It is to be noted that because of this fact, it is likely that a UX will see more traffic than a brand’s webpage because of these ad-hoc connections.  

Opting for an email validation user journey, the estate is able to further the connection with their visitors long after they’ve left the area. Email validation user journeys require WiFi users to input their name and email and then validate it to confirm their identity - they also have the opportunity to ‘stay up to date’ and agree to receive Marketing information from the district’s teams. This ensures that the contacts collected are truly interested parties and that anyone who doesn’t wish to sign up, doesn’t have to. Further contributing to the building of a community, the Marketing teams can reach out to subscribers and keep them in the loop with events, offers and general area news with the hope of welcoming them back and driving the business and revenues of local artisans and businesses.  

Furthermore, with the provision of the WiFi SPARK Content Management System (CMS), the districts of Mayfair and Belgravia are able to ensure their subscribers are receiving site-specific content and develop unique Marketing campaigns that contribute to the establishment of the two renewed brands.  

Aiding in the understanding of its visitors is WiFi SPARK’s Analytics package. Allowing for data to be fed back to the district’s unique CRM, a deeper understanding can be gained on the success of the WiFi solution through statistics such as how many people have connected to the on-street WiFi, how many of those connections are first time users and how long did they remain connected for e.g., what was their dwell time. This is on top of analytical reporting surrounding the success of email campaigns and the engagement with content on the UXs. By gaining data such as this, the districts and the estate as a whole can understand the success of the investment and the key areas to where visitors are drawn, all aiding in creating a dynamic and futureproofed solution.  

Wrapping up the solution is WiFi SPARK’s managed service. Large-scale WiFi provision can be difficult to manage and that’s why WiFi SPARK provides a 24/7/365 UK-based Service Desk to deal with any queries or concerns that the end-user may have. This ensures that there is no added workload for company staff and that any difficulties are ironed out speedily and by someone who knows the network inside out.  

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The Value

The value for the international property development company lies in the way the solution has reinforced the new re-branding of the Mayfair and Belgravia districts. Through the tailored UXs developing brand identities and enabling a Marketing network to be developed, to the analytics data gained from them, the estates can grow and prosper with accurate reporting and evidence of successes.  

Growing the two respective brands globally by collecting Marketing data from the UX will enable the districts of Mayfair and Belgravia to be promoted worldwide. Businesses can advertise international delivery to continue to grow and build that relationship with tourists and visitors.  

A value has also been added for the residents of Mayfair and Belgravia, the seamless, reinforced connectivity rejuvenates the technological ability of the area, elevating the properties’ market offering whilst enriching the experiences of those who permanently live there. 

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The customer

With a track record of over 340 years, the company develops, manages and invests with the purpose of improving the property and places to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit. They achieve their purpose by adopting a farsighted approach, being locally engaged and sharing and benefitting from their international experience – they call this their Living Cities approach.

Working with WiFi SPARK in London, the company operates internationally spanning a variety of sectors under the company umbrella. Universally, however, the company is committed to delivering exceptional levels of service and is dedicated to working with service providers resolute on the same goal.

The Future

With property spanning the breadth of the globe, the company continues to grow and give back to the communities it serves. Recognising areas of improvement within its residential districts adds value to the areas and provides more to residents, going forward, similar initiatives may begin to take place in other areas.  

Now informed by SPARK® Analytics, and learning more and building relationships with its visitors through the establishment of a responsive, brand-driven UX, the company have a breadth of knowledge that was unimaginable before to go forth and grow the areas of Mayfair and Belgravia. Following the initiative’s success, the community developers may decide to expand the existing offering or indeed apply a similar solution to another district. If that may be the case, WiFi SPARK will be on hand with the strength of its partner connections and expertise in providing ROI to ensure the project is a success. 

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