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Falmouth town CASE STUDY

Discover how our WiFi SPARK solution provided an easy-to-use WiFi Platform, robust enough to cover the cobbled streets and support ten of thousands of visitors. Helping the town to:

  • Provide personalised WiFi from any smart device anywhere
  • Enhance the opportunity for business to engage and strengthen their customer relationships by signposting latest deals via free public WiFi for shoppers
  • Increase dwell-time as more visitors utilised free public WiFi benefiting local retailers and businesses
  • Create a fully branded user experience so repeat visitors to the town were automatically welcomed back with pre-validated log-ins.
  • Achieve over 25,000 sign-ups to the portal, with on average over 300 daily users

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Situated on the South Coast of Cornwall, Falmouth is
a vibrant, cosmopolitan coastal town, attracting over
tens of thousands of visitors each year. The town required an easy-to-use WiFi platform to support visitors and the business community.

Discover how we helped the town achieve the UK’s Best Digital High Street crown, with an easy-to-use WiFi platform, across the town’s main streets and squares, strengthening the destination offering to visitors.