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London Designer Outlet

About London Designer Outlet

Organisation Type

Shopping centre and entertainment outlet park

Size of Operation

81 stores and services, 350,000 sq ft across 3 floors

Client Since

2013 - WiFi and User Experience 2021 - User Experience and Data Feed Refresh

Product Suites

SPARK® Managed Service  

Customised guest access WiFi and User Experience Portal 

24/7/365 Service Desk 



Challenges Solved

Working with London Designer Outlet across 2021 to develop a refreshed and renewed User Experience Portal, WiFi SPARK stayed true to the outlet’s new brand guidelines and created a portal that reinforces brand identity, showcases new imagery and introduces new methods of data collection. With a commitment to streamlining Marketing efforts, WiFi SPARK also helped to deliver data collection methods to aid this effort.  





  • Lead a UX redesign that reinforces brand identity, adheres to new brand guidelines and showcases an up-to-date brand message

  • Streamline Marketing efficiency through the introduction of new methods of visitor data collection

  • Restructure the delivery of Analytics reporting

  • Drive growth by promoting the London Designer Outlet loyalty scheme through the UX

  • Offer a reliable 24/7/365 UK-based Service Desk for round the clock support

Old friends, new relationship

Coming to WiFi SPARK in 2013 prior to the outlet’s grand opening, London Designer Outlet (LDO) were in search of a solution that would be quick to deploy whilst contributing to the brand’s experiential selling point of being somewhere to spend time, not just shop.  

With Partners Velocity 1 establishing a robust WiFi connection to manage the hordes of visitors, WiFi SPARK developed a bespoke solution that would allow LDO to use their WiFi to connect with their visitors, advertise their attractions and gain insight into the venue’s footfall and visitor movement.  

With such a large level of footfall, the installed system needed to be robust enough to handle a significant number of users. WiFi SPARK’s customisable software links directly with LDO’s Marketing streams via the User Experience Portal (UEP). User analytics provided by SPARK® Analytics gave LDO the detailed insights it needed to keep customers informed about exclusive e-shots and special offers. The UEP developed by WiFi SPARK also offered direct access to LDO’s website including its brand directory, live news and social media channels.  

Reinforcing the 2013 solution, WiFi SPARK ensured compliable content filtering, amendable by the venue, that guaranteed safe surfing for visitors. To wrap it up, the WiFi SPARK Service Desk remained on hand to solve any problems if they were to arise.  

Eight years later, LDO returned to WiFi SPARK to begin a User Experience (UX) refresh. With a rebranding and a renewed focus on Marketing, the outlet worked with WiFi SPARK to bring the UX up to date. 

Our Solution

With 2020 proving difficult for the retail sector across the board, London Designer Outlet (LDO) in Wembley Park decided to build upon their successful WiFi SPARK solution to grow their brand further and build back better in 2021.  

Using the Velocity 1 connectivity as a base and the existing User Experience portal (UX) as a foundation, LDO led a portal refresh that placed Marketing efforts front and center.  

Previously the user journey upon connecting to the WiFi had seen users met with a single Marketing subscription option. This enrolled all users into the outlet’s Marketing database. Whilst gaining the outlet an impressive number of contacts to market to, the majority would unsubscribe or be unengaged. Adversely affecting the Marketing efforts of LDO’s Marketing team, a rethink was necessary to improve the viability and value of the database.  

On top of this, there was no segregation of contacts to quickly understand the incoming contact’s desires.  

The new data feed now has two subscription options. The first allows users to sign up for the LDO Newsletter, automatically triggering the contact into a pre-determined workflow and feeding relevant content to them. The second allows users to sign up to the One Wembley Park Rewards Club, the loyalty programme run by LDO.  

By separating incoming contacts in this way, LDO are able to benefit from real-time data collection and automation in a way that streamlines the efficiencies of their Marketing efforts and enables the Marketing team to better understand their incoming contacts. 

The amendable nature of a WiFi SPARK-built UX is that the content is entirely changeable dependent on season, sale cycle or event. Working to meet brand guidelines and refresh the portal, WiFi SPARK added new images from a recent Marketing campaign and update the look and feel of the UX.  

Analytics reporting had also been previously fed back to LDO by WiFi SPARK, a new update now sees the analytical reporting sent directly to the outlet to manage and act on efficiently.  

The general refresh was inspired by streamlining the efficiencies and driving Marketing activity, LDO can expect to see growth from this as the festive season approaches.  

LDO Mock ups (1600 x 960 px)
quotation mark

"The WiFi SPARK Development Team have been working alongside the London Designer Outlet for a number of years, when they came to us looking to revamp their data feed, we were happy to develop an upgrade that suited them. Going for two parallel data feeds allows LDO to gain complete control of their data and grow through the Marketing opportunities this streamlining creates."

Andy Houghton


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