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FAQs about Hospedia

Q1: How does the new payment system work?

The new payment system starts on the Bedside Units when the patient selects the entertainment package. Then a link can be sent to the patient themselves, family, or friends through either a QR code, email, or text. The the purchase can be made on a smart device by pressing the link sent. Payment options such as PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay are available, as well as payment by debit or credit card. 

Both T2 and T3 technology now run off this new payment system. Use the resources below to better understand how this new system works. 

Download Q&A Document

Download Video Explainer for Touch Screen Bedside Units

Download Video Explainer for Remote Control Bedside Units

Download Payment Flow

Q2: What free and paid entertainment is available on the Bedside Units?

Free Entertainment

  • TV in adult wards between 6am and 12pm
  • TV in children's wards between 7am and 9pm
  • Radio

Paid Entertainment

  • Movies
  • Sports through TNT or SKY
  • Audiobooks
  • TV box sets

Note: SPARK® TSL want to remove the patient pays model by teaming up with Trusts and their Charities.

Learn more about the entertainment options on the different technologies of bedside units by downloading the guides below.  

Remote control Bedside Unit Entertainment

Touch Screen Bedside Unit Entertainment

Or watch our YouTube Videos

Contact our support team at 0345 414 1234 if you have any questions about the units.

Q3: What hospital resources are available on Bedside Units?

T2 remote control units have:

  • Patient safety video
  • Survey's

T3 touch screen units have:

  • Patient safety video
  • Survey's
  • GP Online prescription services
  • NHS A-Z health index

Extra resources on T3 units could include:

  • Dementia orientation screen
  • Food menus
  • Educational videos to prepare patients for discharge. 
  • Links to NHS resources. 

For more information, download our handbooks.

Remote control Bedside Unit Hospital Resources

Touch screen Bedside Unit Hospital Resources

Or watch our YouTube Videos

Contact our support team at 0345 414 1234 if you have any questions about the units.


Q4: Are there any 'How To' video guides for the bedside units?

Yes! Our YouTube has recently been updated to host a series of 'how to' videos to help you understand the differences between the technology, what's available, and how to use them. 

Check out the Playlist

Q5: What are the prices of Hospedia?

Hospedia is built on a patient pays model. WiFi SPARK are committed to changing this through a Trust/Charity paid solution. Or upgrading to our new bedside units, SPARK® Horizon. 

To learn about pricing for each hospital that has Hospedia Units, click here.

Q6: How do I report a fault of a Bedside Unit?

  1. Call customer care on: 0345 414 1234
  2. An automated message will play presenting various options. Press 2 for customer service.
  3. Another automated message will play offering more options. Press 1 to report a fault.
  4. You'll then need to provide the patient's name, hospital name, ward name, bed number and  description of the fault.

Q7: What do I do if I move beds?

If you purchase premium entertainment on your Bedside Unit, you will have needed to create an account. 

If you're moving beds, remember to log out of your account. When you arrive at your new bed and Bedside Unit, you can log back in using your details and access any entertainment you've already paid for. 

Learn more about how to log in and out of the bedside units.

Logging in and out for remote T2

Logging in and out for touch screen T3

FAQs about the Acquisition

Q8: Why has WiFi SPARK® acquired Hospedia?

Hospedia's bedside entertainment units were initially rolled out in the early 2000s to replace TV sets on ward trolleys, payphones in hospital corridors and patients paid to access services. While this was a step change in technology for the NHS at the time, in recent years, the pay to use business model is no longer contributing to a positive patient experience.

Following Hospedia's acquisition by WiFi SPARK®'s parent company, Volaris, the company now has the resources to implement a unified solution. We're championing the cause of patients receiving entertainment and engagement services for free. 

WiFi SPARK®'s management team is now leading both businesses and is driving the vision of integrating the two companies to benefit the healthcare market. Over the next three years, the vision is to facilitate patient, staff and visitor access to entertainment and engagement services within healthcare facilities for free. 

To realise this vision, we need the help of the NHS and healthcare entities.

Q9: Our Trust uses Hospedia. What happens now?

Our long term goal is to oversee the transformation of around 56,500 bedside units in 160 hospitals to support the free entertainment and engagement vision, which is expected to take around three years. Existing Hospedia sites can upgrade to a bring your own device (BYOD) model. You can roll out SPARK® alongside the existing bedside units and work with us to install new bedside terminal technology, which will offer the technological advantages of modern, up to date equipment.

Q10: How does the new patient engagement vision impact my Trust?

The vision aims to provide a better balance between BYOD entertainment and bedside units. With some Trusts having solutions that utilise one or the other and few Trusts engaging in both, it's time to provide equal entertainment opportunities for all patients.

Legacy bedside entertainment units were installed a long time ago at no cost to the Trusts. However, maintaining them has been expensive and the technology has failed to keep up with digital transformation. Our vision is to provide Trusts with up to date technology that will support a wide range of applications and facilitate the installation of the units where they are most needed. 

The BYOD solution will work ubiquitously throughout the Trust, giving users access to a range of engagement opportunities such as television, hospital radio, games, charity awareness and educational content. 

Moving away from the patient-pays model currently in place will need investment from the Trust and/or the charities that support them. However, we estimate that for most Trusts, a payment of less than £1 per bed per day would cover the cost of a free service.

Q11: How will the acquisition benefit Trusts?

It prioritises free engagement opportunities for patients

Of course, the key benefit is offering free entertainment to patients. However, SPARK® offers variety to ensure everyone finds something to entertain themselves. Patients can choose from a range of options, including TV, radio, catch up TV, a digital newsstand and games. Patients can also access their favourite streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, they'll need to already have an established account.

Services are integrated

In addition to this, SPARK® can easily integrate with a range of digital services, including clinical records and digital meal ordering. The integration with food services allows patients to order meals directly from their bed and easily cancel, amend or redirect their orders as circumstances change. All digital service integrations aim to improve the quality of care and positively impact the patient experience.

It offers wellness & support

Dementia support services, communication aids and health videos are just some of the wellbeing options available on the platform to enable patients to take control of their care. With an empowered selection of resources, these applications ensure patients can be looked after and remain engaged without the presence of a staff member. 

The latest technology to empower your Trust

With our new vision, we'll continually develop the software to bring the best technology to the NHS and healthcare organisations. This includes building an ‘apps catalogue,’ allowing Trusts to add more tailored services and engagement opportunities to patients and staff. While the technology may span the breadth of the NHS, your Trust’s solution will be tailored to your audience.

Q12: How will the acquisition affect staff?

It'll increase productivity & efficiency

  • Using the bedside units to access Trust IT systems would make it easier for staff to use electronic systems at the bedside without finding a computer on wheels or returning to a ward station to make up notes and orders. 

  • With patients being entertained and more self-sufficient, members of staff are freed up for other tasks. Communication with patients and visitors through the service will offer improved efficiencies to know what the patient needs rather than relying on a nurse call button.

  • With a unified solution giving access to Trust-specific surveys, patients can provide feedback informing staff of their opinions. This allows Trusts to make positive changes which will increase patient satisfaction. 

It provides added value

  • Staff can also utilise the services available to patients, such as free TV, magazines and games on their breaks or in their residences.

  • The platform is continually being developed in conjunction with Trusts and healthcare professionals. WiFi SPARK® welcomes input on how it can make life easier for staff. 

By leveraging existing infrastructure, Trusts can ensure entertainment accessible for everyone, with or without their personal device and can be transformed to better suit staff and encourage digital maturity in the most effective way possible.

Q13: Is there a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution?

Ideally, Trusts need choice, flexibility and productivity. The best complete solution for hospitals would be to create a unified experience, replace bedside units with the new generation of bedside units and offer a BYOD solution. 

This ensures the latest offerings and services are available and that patients don't have to pay for entertainment. What’s more, all patients, regardless of age or digital savviness, can use it and staff can use portable devices when on the move or tap into bedside units if no devices are available. 

If Trusts aren’t ready to upgrade to our next-generation technology, existing Hospedia sites can upgrade to add our BYOD SPARK® Media solution. This gives patients access to free or paid TV on the BYOD system and services like Netflix and Amazon Video, where they already have accounts.

We'll reduce the cost to patients on the existing bedside units with  Trust/Charity/Sponsorship funding.

Q14: What is the next generation entertainment bedside unit?

The next generation of bedside units are state-of-the-art terminals that will be a game-changer for the NHS.

There are a range of additional benefits for Trusts and their patients, including:

  • Ability to be wall-mounted, a meal trolley table as well as a workstation on wheels.

  • A comprehensive Apps catalogue will be available, such as:
    • Telephony
    • Patient journey
    • Patient education 
    • Dementia support service
    • Meal ordering
    • Surveys
    • Quizzes
    • Parking
    • Shopping
    • Games and entertainment
    • Translations
    • Patient communications
    • Clinical apps
  • Clinical Systems
    • PAS/EPR
    • E-Prescribing
    • Bed management
    • Facilities
    • Observations
    • Nurse call
  • Better insights into the patient journey
  • An improved patient education
  • Easy access to dementia support services for all
  • Better service desk support
  • Excellent health and safety
  • Insightful analytics

Access our webinar to learn more about our vision for the future of patient experience.

Including a detailed breakdown of why the takeover happened to the benefits it can offer both Trusts and their patients; this one isn’t to be missed.

Watch the webinar on-demand